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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

fashion lately: april 2017

You babes have long awaited this post and while it took me a bit to compile, I hope you will benefit from this fashion post! Before you delve into my closet, let me make a few things clear: I am very picky with my shopping & I refuse to buy anything for over $60. Okay, like there are a few exceptions, but FOR THE MOST PART I am just A lot of what I wear I found last season and everything I wear I got for a screamin’ deal.

Here are a few fashion rules that I live by:

  1. shop online – I love shopping online especially from Zara and ASOS because returns are so simple. If I don’t love it I just put it back in the box it came in and leave it on my front door. It makes the shopping/trying on process so much more comfortable!
  2. buy for my body – FOR SO LONG, I would buy things that looked incredible on the model and then when I put it on my average sized mom-bod it would look absolutely terrible. I know now that I need pants with a high waist, shirts with a longer sleeve and shorter torso and that I just won’t wear it if I can’t move in in.
  3. invest in things that WORK –  I used to pick up a bunch of things from Target and Forever21 each season that were fun a trendy, but after one wash they looked worked and I felt like I needed to replace them. Once I started shopping at Zara and ASOS I found that the pieces I bought not only looked classic, but held up really well and I could keep them over the seasons. I haven’t gotten that ‘capsule’ wardrobe down, but I do think that my wardrobe is much more thoughtful and cohesive!
  4. go shopping with a purpose – I take A LOT of selfies. Probably more than the average human, so when I shop for tops I look for something that will stand out when it is in a picture that is just my shoulders and up! I look at my closet and assess where there are holes ie. I need more “date night” tops and less “slum-lord-mom” tops 😘. I then add a million things to my cart online that appeal to me and whittle that down to just the ones that actually FIT into my existing wardrobe ie. I can wear that top with these pants I already own etc.
  5. wait for sales – MOST online stores will allow you to save your cart, so I create an account and then I can add my favorites to my cart and watch until they go on sale or until the store offers an online coupon! Madewell and Anthropologie are KING in this scenario. I refuse to buy from either of their sites without a deep, deep discount.

Alrighty, with all those rules laid out for you here are the things I I own, you love and we all need 💗


  1. blue t-shirt dress, 2. geeky glasses, 3. chrome sunnies , 4. pink tribal clutch, 5. nude jelly sandals, 6. sparkle flower clutch, 7. purple lace top, 8. floral peasant top, 9. nude croc Puma platfrom sneaks, 10. peach oversized split side button up, 11. mock neck striped top, 12. pink high waisted coluttes, 13. high-waisted dr. denim, 14. floral print long-sleeve top, 15. floral loafers


  1. Madewell Geo Hoop 2. Madewell Tassel Earring 3. H&M Texture Jacket 4. TopShop Bell-Sleeve Button-Up 5. Madewell Silver Dangle 6. Urban Outfitters Hanging Choker 7. Steve Madden Furry Slider 8. TopShop Gingham Tie-Front Blouse 9. TopShop Blue Striped V-Neck Blouse 10. Madewell Siver Disco Dangle 11. Madewell Silver& Gold Geo Dangle


xo – K


Saturday, April 22, 2017

light it up

If you’re looking for an incredible highlighter AND you like options then this lil’ number from Sleek Makeup is going to be your new bff, cross my heart.  You’ve got three insanely gorgeous powders and one real purdy creamy highlight here so for under $30, you’ve also got all the highlight you could want or ever need in your life.

This is the  Solstice Palette and I sent Santa a lil’ letter informing him that I needed this in my life and since receiving it, I just cannot get enough. Hurry up this goes out of stock SO.DAMN.FAST.

xo – K

Saturday, April 22, 2017

it’s aaaaaaall good

I usually loathe lip balm. NORMALLY its filled with waxy ingredients that, at the end of the day, don’t actually hydrate my lips at all. That is, until I found It’s All Good lip balm, because guys it IS all good!!

I love this lip balm because it ACTUALLY works! It is made from 100% organic coconut oil and so it always always leaves my lips feeling moisturized. Not to mention their fabulous flavors peppermint, pina colada and vanilla AND the oversized tube that will last you foreves’. MOVE OVER Burt’s Bees, there’s a better, bigger balm in town!

*juuuuust in case, here is a link for those glasses 💋

xo – Kayti