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Friday, February 24, 2017


Since I am still giving my skin a lil’ break from products it seems like the PERFECT time to show you my favorite brow products from the #kbeauty shelf!

I love this kit from Etude House for so many reason, but mainly because I can feel confident creating my perfect brows at home! I swear by the ‘Tint My Brow Gel’ because in 1 hour or less you can dye your brows without the fuss of the salon or the mess of the actual dye. It dries to a gel and then you simply peel off to reveal darker, fuller brows!


  • The color will last about a week depending on how aggressive you are while washing your face – I suggest avoiding the brows while washing to keep color longer.
  • There are a few colors, so I recommend using #3 Grey Brown if you have yellow undertones or prefer a more ashy look and using #1 Brown if you have red undertones or prefer a warmer look.
  • The longer you leave on the color the deeper the color will be, so for blondes I would use the same colors just for less time!
  • You will notice that a few brows will pull out when you remove the gel! Don’t be alarmed this is normal and it doesn’t hurt. It is just pulling out any dead hairs that would have fallen out anyways – I PROMISE you will not be left missing any brow hairs!

The eyebrow pencil in this kit rivals the Anastasia Brow Definer and is easy to use and creamy!

As an added bonus, that lil’ Angry Bird mirror that my five-year-old swears was shipped to him 😘 stays in my purse at all times and makes me smile every time I see it. Oh and AAAAALLLLLLL those goodies I bought for $17 on Amazon, so #WIN!

Cheers to incredible brows babes – xo

Thursday, February 23, 2017


I woke up this morning with every intent to film a tutorial and slap makeup all over my face to test for you babes, but today just ain’t going to be that day. With all the products that I have been trying out lately my skin needs just a lil’ breather!

So today I am taking extra care, using some of my favorite face masks, applying a few zit patches and the letting my skin breathe!! Here are the masks I’ve been loving lately:

Too Cool for School ‘Egg Cream Mask‘ (5 for $18) – These are one of the highest rated masks on the market and for good reason! They are both hydrating AND firming, so #dreamsDOcometrue. Sephora sells them for $6 EACH, so Amazon for the win!!

My Beauty Diary ‘Strawberry Yogurt Mask’ (10 for $10.99) – I have never used this brand before, but after reading the reviews I decided that for $1 each it might be worth the plunge. Boy, oh, boy #thankgoodness! These masks have the most essence of any mask I have ever used and they smell amazing!

Spa Life ‘Soothing Aloe and Collagen Lip Mask‘ (6 for $15) – Lip masks are all the range right now, thank you Kylie Jenner. After reading incredible reviews on these I added them to my Amazon cart!! I LOVE these, they leave my lips feeling so smooth and hydrated and ready for my nightly lip mask.

PRO TIP: I am ALL about supporting Sephora and Ulta (I mean, I only spend my entire monthly budget there), but face masks should never cost you over $3 a pop. Check out your local TJ.Maxx for incredible masks for just $0.99!! Amazon always pulls through in that department too, just read the reviews to be sure you’re getting the best of the best, or just keeping following me and I’ll always have your back 😘

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


THIS 🙌🏼 this concealer is every budget friendly, dry skinned, dark circle adorned lady’s dream.come.true. One of my bests brought this back from South Korea for me and even though my daughter tried to destroy it by putting her finger through the entire pot 😤 I will use this stuff until every last drop 👌🏼

Skin Food Dark Circle Eraser is a creamy salmon colored concealer that will cancel out all those blue and purple tones under your eyes and leave you looking refreshed and rested (looking) 😘. For less than $15 I have converted most of my clients and friends to this bad boy and I know you’ll love it too!

xo – Kayti