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Wednesday, December 5, 2018


I babes know how much I adore Tatcha and honestly I think they are worth their weight in gold and are one of the brands that I invest in!! Their holiday sets have been released and they are a NO BRAINER for the beauty lover in your life. They cover all the bases :  makeup AND skincare so there is truly something for everyone! Here are a few of my favorites for your purchasing pleasure!!

First up,  The Starter Kit!! This baby includes all the brands top sellers and is a no brainer for someone new to Tatcha who just wants to give it all a go. $59 and worth every penny!

My next choice from the line up has to be the Pampering Camilla Trio which for $68 gives you all your cleansing and hydration needs – I mean it includes their lip balm with gold flakes in it. Need I say more??

My next favorite option that ends up being a screamin’ deal, is the Create Your Own set!! This is SUCH an incredible gift option that allows you to fill a Tatcha beauty bag with selections of your choice 🙌🏼 so for your extra custom gal, THIS IS IT!

I also adore the Tatcha balm (leaves this lips hydrated and GLOSSY) and their stuuuuunning lipsticks have been on my “want” list for ages, hence this little Blushing Lips Duo is a major win!

Lastly – Tatcha has slaaaaayed the stocking stuffer game! All the minis are perfect for trying a few things for a bargain or for gifting to all the people on your list!!

What are you dying to grab from Tatcha??! I cannot wait to stuff my own stocking with  sample of the Indigo Cream and add a travel size Dewy Setting Mist to my makeup drawers!

xo, Kayti

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Ulta Holiday Gift Guide

It has arrived folks, my favorite gift giving season!! I pride myself in knowing JUST what every friend needs for their birthday and get a LOT of joy out of being one of the most desired gifts at my annual favorite things party! No matter what your budget or who you are buying for I have compiled only the best from the Ulta website for your shopping pleasure this season 😘 Quite a few of these sets can be broken up and split between daughters stockings or easily gifted separately for friends 🙌🏼 Most of all I can promise everything is worth the price tag and is something that I currently own, love and gift myself or something I have on MY wishlist because my research proves it is worth the while. Broken up by price point, I PROMISE you will find something that the beauty lover in your live will truly adore!!

Under $10 : This may seem like a feat, but there are SO MANY items that I love from Ulta under $10!!! Stuff a few in the stocking or gifted alone they might cost less, but they ain’t CHEAP – every.single.item performs like a high end product and is something that I cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die swear by!

$10-$20 : I had to hold back in this category because there is SO MUCH to choose from in this bracket. These are all THE BEST OF THE BEST, I promise. A $15 eye shadow palette that will not sacrifice quality, the travel bags I cannot live without and a lip scrub set you can break up between friends that I prefer over LUSH!!

$20-$30 : This price point is where the holiday sets start getting DOPE! Whether you are looking for masks, lipsticks, brushes or the best brows on the planet, you’ll find it all here!

$30-$45 : This is where most beautiful eyeshadow palettes fall, but also where you start getting the MOST bang for your buck!! Most of the sets here I am suggesting could be broken up between daughters/sisters, but then other just cover every base for the gal who THINKS she has it all 👏🏼

$45+ : You KNOW I am all about spoiling your gal rotten, but honestly I don’t think there is any need to spend more than $60 on a really beautiful gift!! All, but one from this list is less than $60, so you still won’t break the bank while gifting something super thoughtful and most importantly USEFUL.

Happy shopping my friends and thank me later for being the best gift giver at your holiday parties this year 😘

xo, K

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Here is the truth, I have never had to worry about deodorant, but LETMETELLYOUWHAT, newborn life and this postpartum body is a braaaaand new beast. This is the new me: I am a sweaty, sticky, stinky lady.

The new me went on a mission. I knew I wanted something more natural since I spend a good part of my day with a baby in my arm pit & I tried ALL the top reviewed natural deodorants. My main take away was that they felt uncomfortable, they didn’t work or they caused me to break out in a itchy rash. After seeing incredible reviews from a few of my favorite influencers, I finally decided to order Kopari Beauty Coconut Deodorant for myself.

Fast-forward a few weeks and Kopari Beauty reaches out to me to give YOU ALL a discount code for a deodorant that took all my troubles away and that I genuinely love love love using!!

I adore the smell, but most importantly it glides on smoothly, doesn’t leave a chalky residue and hasn’t given me any irritation! Besides that, it WORKS!! I apply before bed (helllllllo hormonal night sweats/nursing) and then a bit again in the morning just to refresh. Easy!

CODE : KAYTI25 for 25% off your first deodorant order – stock up, you’ll want a few on hand and this code is JUST for your first order! Enjoy your new and improved pits babes!!

xo, Kayti