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Monday, April 22, 2019

DR. BRANDT : Needles No More?!

I am not against aging, I am not above botox or filler, but I AM a huge advocate for doing what makes you feel your very best! But  when I heard about the Dr. Brandt new ‘Needles No More’ line,  it honestly looked a bit too good to be true. They claimed that after an hour . . .

  • 96% reported that crow’s feet area looked smoother
  • 88% reported that lines on forehead looked smoother
  • 90% reported that lines between brows looked smoother
  •  AND 100% reported that product visibly improves the look of expression lines after using the product for a month!

So, when they reached out to me I was a little hesitant only because you all know how honest I like to keep things over here and sometimes when the promises/expectations are high I am majorly let down. So, I told Dr. Brandt that I would give the line a try and write up a post for you guys if it did all that was promised. AND HERE WE ARE!

Guys, I am IN TO IT.

Dr. Brandt hasn’t let me down yet and this magic is no exception. This stuff works so well and while I was at first hesitant, I cannot deny the comments from you babes on my forehead lately and the results truly speak for themselves! The Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is intended for the upper half of the face (forehead + eye area), but I use it on my smile lines too with AWESOME results!!

BETTER YET? Use code RS25 to save 25% off your purchase 🙌🏼 I highly highly recommend grabbing the ‘Wrinkle Smoothing Cream‘, the ‘NO More Baggage‘ eye cream, ‘Needles No More 3-D Lip Plumpfix‘ and the ‘Lumanizer Primer‘ with that fabulous discount code!

What do you already love from the line that I need to stock up on???

xo, Kayti

Thursday, February 28, 2019


I have been compensated by QVC for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own

You know that tarte Cosmetics is one of my holy grails brands – I adore their blushes, their mascaras never irritate my eyes, this contour/highlight palette goes on every vacation with me and their eyeshadow palettes are both versatile and useful and they never disappoint in quality while staying cruelty free!! ✌🏼 SO when QVC released this incredible set with tarte it all seemed to go to be true!

This ‘Beauty At Your Fingertips‘ is a collective value of $139, BUT you get a foundation, an eyeshadow palette, their holy grail mascara and gel eyeliner AND a lipstick for $49.95 with FREE SHIPPING until February 28th 💁🏻 I LOVE sets like this not only to try a bunch of new things for myself from one brand, but I also use them for gifting. No one will ever know that you got them for a steal, but gifting each of the items separately will still feel so thoughtful!

If you have thought about grabbing the Lights Camera, Lashes mascara before, or have been even slightly tempted by tarte’s beautiful eyeshadow palettes, NOW is the time to grab them in the SET 🙌🏼. They have warned me that these are going to sell fast, so hustle babes.

*While I was compensated for this post and the products you KNOW I love bringing you babes only the best deals from the best brands and so I stand behind everything here. I just cannot WAIT for you to grab these stunning products for such a freakin’ steal!!

xo, Kayti

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


I babes know how much I adore Tatcha and honestly I think they are worth their weight in gold and are one of the brands that I invest in!! Their holiday sets have been released and they are a NO BRAINER for the beauty lover in your life. They cover all the bases :  makeup AND skincare so there is truly something for everyone! Here are a few of my favorites for your purchasing pleasure!!

First up,  The Starter Kit!! This baby includes all the brands top sellers and is a no brainer for someone new to Tatcha who just wants to give it all a go. $59 and worth every penny!

My next choice from the line up has to be the Pampering Camilla Trio which for $68 gives you all your cleansing and hydration needs – I mean it includes their lip balm with gold flakes in it. Need I say more??

My next favorite option that ends up being a screamin’ deal, is the Create Your Own set!! This is SUCH an incredible gift option that allows you to fill a Tatcha beauty bag with selections of your choice 🙌🏼 so for your extra custom gal, THIS IS IT!

I also adore the Tatcha balm (leaves this lips hydrated and GLOSSY) and their stuuuuunning lipsticks have been on my “want” list for ages, hence this little Blushing Lips Duo is a major win!

Lastly – Tatcha has slaaaaayed the stocking stuffer game! All the minis are perfect for trying a few things for a bargain or for gifting to all the people on your list!!

What are you dying to grab from Tatcha??! I cannot wait to stuff my own stocking with  sample of the Indigo Cream and add a travel size Dewy Setting Mist to my makeup drawers!

xo, Kayti