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Friday, March 16, 2018


Since you have now all endured a video with me half naked, I thought I owed you an detailed explanation of  my sunless tanning routine : how I prep, how often I apply and how long the tan lasts!

PREP : To get my skin as soft as humanly possible I use these INCREDIBLE KOREAN BATH TOWELS , which also help to scrub off any remaining tanner from my previous application! These work very best after you’ve been in the shower for 5+ minutes and you will just see all the dead skin pill off your body 🙌🏼 Then I use THIS COFFEE SCRUB to exfoliate the rest of my body and prep for shaving. I love this stuff because it leaves your skin fresh, but also hydrated. THIS SHOWER OIL is what I use to shave and cleanse my skin with and I although it costs $34 I will never quit it. It gives me a close shave and leaves my skin hydrated so that I don’t feel like I need a lotion before I apply my tanner!

APPLICATION : I do this process probably once a week (give or take a few days) because I like my tan pretty dark, but THIS TANNING MOUSSE builds beautifully on top of itself and wears off really nicely so you can reapply as much as you’d like to achieve the color that you want. I adore that not only does this mousse have stable color, but it has ZERO smell and is safe for even us pregnant babes!! THIS MICROFIBER MITT is a must for smooth application! Apply the mousse to the mitt directly and then massage product into the skin in small circular motions being careful to blend the dry parts of your skin (elbows, wrists, knees, ankles) LAST 👍🏼 I have found that my face breaks out if I use the same mitt and products as on my body so I have grown to love this GRADUAL TANNING SERUM and add it to my moisturizer every other day to keep a glowy tan on my face (TIP : since I moisturize and cleanse my face more often than my body I find that I must use this oil more often than my body tanner to keep the two shades the same.) After I have applied my mousse I love to deepen the color a bit by using THIS TANNING MIST which is super simple to use and great for touch ups if I find the tan is fading faster than I thought.

UPKEEP : I usually apply my tanner at night, sleep in it (to allow the color to deepen) and then shower in the morning! After I shower then I use a GENTLE MOISTURIZER (TIP : steer clear of oils!! These will break down your tan faster!) to keep the skin hydrated and keep my tan looking great for as long as possible! I love this BRONZING LOTION for touch ups in a pinch, but if my tan is fading faster than I would like or I want to quickly deepen the color I will just apply THE TANNING MIST!

That’s all!! I know this feels like a lot of info, BUT once I get the routine down it goes super quickly and is truly something I look forward to and crave!

xo, Kate

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

#lowkey Makeup Routine

If there is ONE thing I have learned whilst laying on my death bed/growing a human it is that: less is more (oh, AND that makeup smells terrrrrrrible when your pregnant 😜). With that said here are the key players in my #lowkey makeup look for the gal who wants to look fresh, but don’t got no time for the fuss!

CONCEALER : My TOP priority when it comes to makeup is: looking awake. #DUH. For full awakeness (yes, that is now a word 😘) that works with every skin tone I bring you MY HOLY GRAIL CONCEALER. This babe applies easy with just the fingertip and will keep your eyes looking bright and hydrated. This concealer is one of my clients favorites and works for both young and aging skin beautifully. Most importantly this concealer is the PERFECT shade of salmon that cancels out blue/purple veins so not a soul needs to know how late you were up bingeing Netflix #youarewelcome.

GLOSS : This honey has been my go-to gloss for moooooonths now and I feel confident recommending it to each of you because it is a universal shade that flatters every shade of skin and leaves your lips feeling hydrated and lookin real glossy!

BROWS : I have sworn by this clear brow gel foreve’s, but my low maintenance self needed a lil’ color in her life. I recently converted to the tinted gel in “Brun”! THIS STUFF keeps my brows put, adds dimension AND color all at once!

CONTOUR : When it comes to subtle dimension in the face this is the tool that DELIVERS chiseled cheekbones while staying natural and simple to use! The color “Amber” has a beautiful grey undertone that flatters the natural skin and looks more like a natural shadow on the face than bronzer. Simply blend in with the fingers for beautiful definition!

BLUSH : Blush without a brush?? Yes please! I am hooked on these CUSHION BLUSHERS because they look so fresh on the face and they are sooooo simple to use! Apply to the cheeks and pat in with the fingertips.

If you are feelin’ a little extra and you’ve got time, slap on your favorite mascara and you are golden sister! How’s THAT for #lowkey????!? Do you love?

xo, Kayti

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Steal : cream bronzer

I KNOW you babes liiiiiivi for a budget friendly makeup find, so every.single.sunday I am going to feature a #bbmakeupdupe for you babes in a series called #SundaySteal!! First up: the closest thing I can find to my belooooooved Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base ($50) cream bronzer.

Truthfully nothing compares to the luxury of the Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base, but for $6, this cream bronzer from W7 MakeUp & Glow is phenomenal!! I prefer using the NYX Pro Contour brush with both of these products for an airbrushed finish!

RUN RUN RUN!! These don’t stay in stock long and I have waiting MONTHS for it to come back in stock so I could share with you!!!! Happy flawless bronzing babes!

xo. Kayti