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Friday, June 16, 2017

fave: mascara

After wearing lash extensions for a thousand and one years my lashes are beat and was out of the mascara game. So in true beauty blogger fashion, I ordered ALLLLLLL the options from the drugstore and most of the top reviewed options from Sephora! I present to you my favorites that lift and curl my meager lashes and the tools that I use to get that perfect lash!!

First things first: lash curler! I used to think this was a crazy hoax that women used just to make themselves feel better about their lashes and honestly I never saw a difference after using one so I just stop trying. Well, that is until I got this bad boy from Shiseido. HOLY COW! My clients are all dumbfounded by the lift they get from this curler and some people even say they’re had theirs for 7+ years and STILL get those same incredible results. It is the best in the biz and I can honestly say that my stubby lil’ lashes have this curler to thank for even being noticeable at all!

I looooooove colored mascaras, but investing in a big tube just isn’t nesseccary, I I reach for the blue “Zoom” mascara from MAC on those days where I want my look to be fun and youthful. My tippy top favorite that I grab for a large majority of the time is the Benefit “Roller Lash” because it gives me awesome all around volume and lift. The next favorite is my beloved Maybelline “The Rocket” which gives me ALL DAY lift and separation! The Maybelline “Lash Sensational” is another one of my favorites that gives a more feminine ‘winged’ look to the lashes, but builds up volume nicely too. Then for those natural days I always reach for the Tarte “Gifted” mascara because it looks so stunning on the eyes, but you can build up without looking crazy cakey.

xo – Kayti


Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Is it just me, or do you just feel better with a tan? It is shocking to me how many notches my confidence goes up in a binki when I have just gotten a spray tan. Legit, I feel like I can take on the world. So to keep consistent with my Beyonce “run the world” vibe I have just taken that spray tan life into my own hands and HEEEERRRREE are the ones I cannot live without!

If you are planning on applying ANY sunless tanning product ever, then you need a good mitt to apply it with! I found THIS mitt from Skinerals on Amazon for just $9 and I haven’t looked back. I simply apply the product directly to the mitt and then apply to the skin in small circular motions! This brand even has a Back Applicator Wand so that you can get to those hard to reach place on your back seamlessly without effort – can I get a hallelujah!? I have used A LOT of applicator mitts in my day and this one is the best in the biz and is the cheapest of any I have ever found!!

The “Tan Overnight” sunless tanner from SUN in Medium doesn’t just come with a pump 🙌🏼, but is the perfect and hydrating color for you pale babes! I know that it is hard to find a sunless tanner that doesn’t go too dark or red for you fair ladies and THIS is just the ticket. You can use it like a gradual tanner if you aren’t as fair, but I LOOOOOOVED this in the winter for a subtle glow. Oh AND it’s paraben free sooooooo 👍🏼

I used to SWEAR by the TanWise mousse from Sally Beauty, but lately the Miami Gorgeous “LaPlaya Glow Mousse” has quickly taken over that favorite spot. It has ZERO smell, dries so quickly and because of the incredible ingredients {like Argan Oil and Vitamins A,D and C} it keeps my skin looking healthy and hydrated! The tan is just dark enough, but has that green undertone to keep you from looking red.

I have used this “Tahitain Tan Mist” from South Seas for years and although it is a bit more than the others I have mentioned it is just soooooo simple to use and gives me the best color! I just spray directly onto my face, chest and arms and if there are any patches I use a big fluffy brush to blend everything together. No rubbing and the color appears immediately, but darkens up over time!

I know this topic can be super personal, so I want to hear your favorites!

xo – Kayti

Thursday, June 8, 2017

fave: eyeliner

It’s about fine time that I share with you all of the eyeliners that I love. Weeeeelllll, eye see you babes and eye got you 😍 see what eye did there? Hahahaha, I crack myself up!!

Here they are in all their glory. The who, what and why of my favorites in the eyeliner department!!

Let’s go from the top-down, shall we??

I am always looking for a friggin pencil sharpener so I bought this NARS sharpener that sharpens both my thin and jumbo pencils and I have never turned back – best $6 I have spent!

The Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil’s have a 12hr and are waterproof and so not only do they stay put, but they are just $10 a pop! I love, love, love that there are 27 colors to choose from and that they have both a matte and a shimmer formula!! I adore the colors “Indulge Yourself“, “Blonde Ambition” (pictured above) and “Cappuccino“, “Purple Stiletto” and “My Boyfriends Jeans“. My favorite way to use these are for a fun pop in the waterline to amplify the lash line and draw the focus to my eyes!

These Marc Jacobs Highliners are LEGIT. They are reaaaaal creamy and will not budge after their applied, even in the waterline. The colors are incredibly pigmented and might be a pretty penny, but in my opinion are well worth it!! My favorite colors are “EarthQuake” (pictured above), “Mist Me” and “Out of the Blue“.

For a crisp winged liner I ALWAYS use gel and the fun, trendy colors aren’t ones that I want to invest in, so NYX has brought it home!! I really really love the NYX Vivid Bright liners in “Vivid Delight“, “Vivid Sapphire” (pictured above), “Vivid Blossom” and “Vivid Envy“. They are fluid and although their staying power isn’t great I feel super good about getting my $6.99 worth 😉

The ONLY gel liner that I use these days is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in “Trooper“. No other single liner that I have found compares with how matte black this applies, how long it stays put and how simple it is to apply!! If you can write with a pencil you can use this liner!

I have used this Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liner for years and nothing compares!! It is so creamy, SO black and so pigmented and sticks like glue in my waterline without irritating my eyes. She is my tried and true!

Another stunner from Urban Decay are their Heavy Metal glitter liners!! They are so beautiful on the eyes, they don’t get cakey and they apply so fluidly! My personal favorite is “Midnight Cowboy” which is the perfect marriage between silver and gold so it compliments every single eye look!

xo – K