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Monday, June 11, 2018


It has been a hot minute since I have talked about my makeup car routine that I lovingly call The B//B Car Kit 💁🏻 and since it has changed a bit I wanted to share with you babes! These are the goodies that I keep in my car to get my eyebrows lookin fly and my lips glossy while in the drive-thru grabbing tots and a Diet Coke.

This is ALSO an incredible gift to give friends!! Go as big or as small as you can and include other friends in the gift to make it more lavish, but every girl needs an emergency beauty kit in her car!

First things first hygiene!! Before I can worry about lipgloss I make certain that I am never caught without BREATHE REFRESHERS and I cannot live without these DEODORANT WIPES to ensure I am smelling fresh regardless of how “fresh” I feel. I swear by the SHOUT WIPES to keep my clothes clean after Taco Bell, along with HAND SANITIZER & your PAIN KILLER of choice for obviously survival reasons.

Next up CONCEALER : I have used this salmon toned concealer for yeaaaaars and I still swear by it. It is my preferred concealer to use without foundation, blends out perfectly with just my finger and makes me look like I didn’t ACTUALLY stay up watchin Netflix until 2am 😘 It only comes in two shades, but it will cancel out your dark circles and brighten those tired eyes in NO TIME!

If you are like me and prefer a bit of dimension to the face, then CONTOUR is a must! I know if can be tricky to find a shade that blends easy with the finger tips and looks natural without foundation, but THIS ONE (in the shade “Amber”) is my holy grail.

Nothing wakes up the face like BLUSH 👌🏼 On the days when I need a little extra color I will pop on the cushion blusher from PeriPera and then just pat into my cheeks – the color isn’t the mooooost long wearing, but I love how natural it looks on the skin and that I don’t need a brush to apply it with.

I keep (on average), like 6 lip products in my car at all times – call my crazy, but you just NEVER KNOW!! The two requirements are that they must be versatile and they can’t melt, ha! So my favorites that fit that category are this LIP OIL , this LIP TREATMENT along with this NUDE GLOSS plus this GLOWY GLOSS (beyou10 to save $$ on your entire purchase). They never disappoint! Lately I have added this HOLO GLOSS and this matte NUDE LIPSTICK that go with absolutely everything.

I liiiiiive for my brows. I have truly become addicted to have them look feathery and bold because it lifts my eyes and seriously makes me look more awake. I never leave the house without my Lancome Brow Gel! I get my brows waxed and tinted everything six weeks, but there is NOTHING more annoying than needing a pair of tweezers and not having them!! I never leave the house without my Tweezerman.

I want to be THAT girl that always has the things when you need them #clutchfriendgoals. So I keep these HairBands in my bag at.all.times. They don’t kink your hair and WORK.

ALL OF THAT fits perfectly (with pleeeeeeenty of room for more) into THIS MESH BAG! I swear by this bag because I can see all the things without dumping out the contents of the entire bag 🙌🏼

I hope you find this helpful – I know that we are ALWAYS on the go, so I love having things I can count on in a crunch! What is in YOUR beauty car kit?? Did I leave anything out?

xo. Kayti

Friday, May 18, 2018

TRAVEL ESSENTIALS : makeup & skincare

You babes have requested this post for eons now and so I am thrillllllled to present to you the makeup and skincare that comes on the road with me along with tips to get everything where you are going safely!

First things first : THE BAGS! I have used quite a few makeup travel bags in my time and have just recently found the ones that work best for me – you can see what’s inside them (no digging for that lipgloss you need or dumping everything out to get!), the plastic and zippers they are made from are sturdy as hell, they are budget friendly and they fit EVERYTHING. I was so surprised that a full-size bottle of shampoo could come with me, but certainly thrilled that I didn’t have to leave anything behind.

There are more options, but these four have fulfilled my every need! 1 : Basic Clear Train Case ($12) 2 : Basic Clear Pencil Case ($10) 3 : Basics Mesh Boat Clutch ($11) 4 : Basic Clear Clutch ($12)

SKINCARE : I know that this can be tricky for some people to decide what they NEED to take on vacation, but for me I pack a simply as I possibly can. I always bring a CLEANSING BALM, one bomb EYE CREAM, the LIP MASK I cannot survive without and a FACE OIL and then judge what I need to add into that line up by where I am going and what I will be doing. Since we are going to be relaxing by the pool the majority of the time I will be packing a HYDRATING MASK and a few SHEET MASKS to recover from long days in the sun. I never leave the house without ACNE PATCHES because nothing is worse than getting a monster zit on vacation! All of this PLUS my hair care all fits in the TRAIN CASE perfectly 🙌🏼

MAKEUP : Believe you me, this choice is never easy. I have A LOT of makeup to choose from so choosing just a few things to take with me is no simple task, BUT I always bring “pool makeup” and “night out makeup” & I limit myself to ONE BAG for all the things. For those looks I know I need a PRIMER, a FOUNDATION WITH SPF, a FOUNDATION without SPF that will still look like skin, DEWY DROPS to add into my foundation and a couple CONCEALERS {pool preference/night out preference} that will perform.

Then I try to have fun!! I love packing bright colors along with neutrals because I never know what mood I will be in and having options makes me feel more creative. For that reason I always pack one CREAM BRONZER and one TRUE CONTOUR, a favorite blush in ORANGE, PEACH and PINK, a TINTED EYE PRIMER that I can use alone or under shadows, ONE EYESHADOW PALETTE that I know will cover all the bases, a HIGHLIGHTER SET pluuuuuuus a few more of my highlighting favorites.

This go around a didn’t pack any eyeliners, but instead packed a brush that will allow me to use an eyeshadow as a liner along with GLITTER SHADOWS that I can use as a liner or all over the eye! Then I add a BOLD MASCARA that will make a statement while still looking fresh along with a natural looking WATERPROOF MASCARA that will hold up at the pool. I can’t leave without my BROW GEL or the WATERPROOF BROW PEN for both pool and a night out!

Lastly, when in doubt pack 100 lipsticks 😬 I pack as many options as humanly possible because especially on vacation I love rockin’ a bold lip.  I KNOW that all seems like A LOT, but it all fits so compactly in the BASIC CLEAR CLUTCH so I feel zero regrets packing it to the brim!

POOL ESSENTIALS : This bag remains the same, but I thought I would share it here because even after three years the products in it travel everywhere with us and never let me down. First my FAVORITE FACIAL SUNSCREEN, SUNSCREEN POWDER and a LIP BALM with SPF! Then I add in a pack of TISSUES, a few HAIR HALOS, my favorite HAND SANITIZER and any other lip options I feel I may need 😘

I hope this helps you traveling babes!!

xo, Kayti

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Another week of #KaytisForeverFaves AAAAND an eyebrow how-to for every girl! These are the products I swear by for a light bushy boy brow, for a full Instagram selfie worthy brow and for a natural yet bold brow. Hopefully we will cover all the bases, but if you have any questions feel free to comment down below 👌🏼

TOOLS : I trust my brow shape to a professional and so I don’t need to tweeze or trim often, but I SWEAR by the Tweezerman brand. Not only are they super sharp and rust resistant, but if they become dull Tweezerman will sharpen them for free – in short, they are worth the investment! I love their TWEEZERS and TRIMMING SCISSORS for any unruly hairs.

BUSHY BOY BROW : I have tried A LOT of brow gels in my life and nothing, I repeat NOTHING performs like the LANCOME ‘Styler Brow Gel‘. I use the tinted version on days when I don’t want to bother with a pencil and the clear version over my filled in brows. This is my holy grail of all brow products and is worth every single penny!!

FILLED BROW : The most commonly used brow product is the pencil and for good reason, it is easy to use! To create a filled in brow I rotate between using the ANASTASIA ‘Brow Wiz’, the ANASTASIA ‘Brow Definer’ and the BENEFIT ‘Goof Proof’ pencils. You CAN create hair-like strokes with these products, but they are simple to use if you are filling in your brows just for color and fullness!

STROKES : I prefer creating hair-like strokes with my pencils and the best way to achieve that look is with the ARDELL ‘Stroke A Brow’ which performs more like a felt tip eye liner. I find that this CAN be tricky to use, especially on oily skin and if you find that to be the case, or you want a bolder look THIS LINER from Amazon is my most preferred method! Use a light hand, but lightly create hair-like strokes in the brow that will not budge!! Another great way to create stokes in the brow {that has a few more color options, but is a bit more labor intensive 😬} is to use the ANASTASIA ‘Dip Brow’ in combination with an SMALL ANGLED BRUSH. This method looks a tad more natural, but will also last through the day!

This is the look that I prefer for my own brows, but everyone has their own opinion about brows. Don’t feel pressured by what you see others doing and simply embrace your own shape and use a color that you feel comfortable with!!



xo, K