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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

B//B DUPE: blush

This folks, is the blush I wore yesterday 💁🏻 Benefit Rockatuer has been one of my favorite blushes for years: it has a sutble shimmer, looks suuuuuper natural on the skin and leaves your skin looking dewy and perfectly rosy flushed. With that said, when I run out, I just don’t need to purchase another pan for $29. That is because I found it’s dupe and lemme’ tell you, it’s dead on. Drugstore blushes can be patchy and the colors are always hit or miss, but this CoverGirl number is ON POINT!! 

BENEFIT Rockatuer Rose Gold Blush ($29 for 0.17oz)

COVERGIRL TruBlend Blush in “Medium Rose” ($9.99 for 0.10oz)

Here is the look that I created with this blush, dupe on one cheek and high end on the other. Couldn’t tell a damn difference between the two and BOTH wore really well/lasted all day on my cheeks, even while wearing glasses! I linked everything that I used to create this look to, just right below the image!!


I am kinda shook by this next dupe because the price difference is astronomical and the high end version has been my fave of all faves for almost a year now. Curse you Essence with your beautiful $2.99 blush!!! These are both extremely pigmented, wear all the day long and they BOTH give you the best summer coral flush and a little bit goes a long way!

ESSENCE Satin Touch Blush in “Satin Coral” ($2.99 for 0.17oz)

TOO FACED Love Flush Blush in “I Will Always Love You” ($26 for 0.21oz)

I know orange blush can seem “unnatural”, but here is the look that I created with the Essence blush and it is so fresh and vibrant, I just cannot quit it!! All the products that I used today are linked below as well 💋


Happy blushing my babes!

xox – Kayti

Monday, August 14, 2017

B//B DUPE: setting powder

I rarely set my undereyes because I don’t NEED to and I loathe looking cakey and powdery (ya KNOW I live that glow life 💁🏻), but if I ever need to set my concealer I use something that is finely milled and brightening! Both of these powders are brightening under the eyes, never look powdery or cakey and keep my concealer PUT. One is $26 and one is $3. Good golly, that price difference is bananas!!!!

The Laura Mercier “Secret Brightening Powder” has been a staple in my collection for aaaages, but since discovering the e.l.f. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder I will never need to buy another $26 pot of powder. The e.l.f. powder is a tad trickier to use, but they BOTH provide the same setting brightness for the eyes! There is a lot more product in the high end version, but you can buy the dupe 6 times before it is worth your while to buy the high end powder, ya feel?

e.l.f. “High Definition Undereye Setting Powder” ($3 for 0.04oz)

Laura Mercier “Secret Brightening Powder” ($26 for 0.14oz)

xo – Kayti

Thursday, August 10, 2017

B//B DUPE: beauty sponge

Lemme save you a few dolla’ dolls’ bills yo because Holy Hannah, I am telling you, this dupe is 🙌🏼 I have used A LOT of sponges in my time and truly the beauty blender has and will always be on top (for me). BUT I see you babes not wanting to spend $20 on a “sponge”!!! To you, my friend, I say, “Trouble yourself no more.” @loreal reaaaaalllly stepped it up with this sponge – it is not shaped exactly like the OG @beautyblender, but I find it allows for quicker application and is just as bouncey and light to allow for easy, flawless blending! I am obsessed! It’s only $6 AND on Amazon prime rn with a coupon.

LOREAL “Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender” ($6.95)


xo – Kayti