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Monday, July 23, 2018


For some reason, I was SO STRESSED about what to bring in my hospital bag – for that reason I brought all.the.things. After having all the options on my bathroom counter with me in the hospital I was truly able to narrow down what I ACTUALLY used and what kept me feeling fabulous and not looking as tired as I felt ๐Ÿ˜˜ I am thrilled to share the best of the best with you!

First up : skincare! More than anything after laboring all day and not sleeping during the night, all I wanted was to feel clean and refreshed. For that reason I brought my favorite FACIAL WIPES and my holy grail CLEANSING BALM. Then to recover my dry tired skin I kept this FACE MIST next to my bed along with the only LIP BALM that forever keeps my lips looking plump. To keep my face looking glowy and refreshed I cannot live without this anti-inflammatory FACE OIL, these cooling and de-puffing EYE PATCHES, the very best EYE CREAM on the market and and OVERNIGHT FACE MASK to wake up feeling fantastic! Last, but not least, I was so grateful to have a LITTLE PERFUME to stay smelling fresh when guests arrived to visit baby and a natural DEODORANT to keep me worry free with baby so close.

I truly thought I would want more makeup on hand & although I brought it, I just ended up using the basics!! My priorities were bright eyes, bold brows and bronzed cheeks, so I simply wore the GLOW DROPSย (in ‘rose gold’), bright CONCEALER, CREAM CONTOUR, my beloved BROW PEN and GEL, the easiest CREAM HIGHLIGHT and a suuuper natural & hydrating LIPGLOSS during labor. The next day I was grateful to have a CC CREAM and a CREAM BLUSH to give my skin a bit of color and add to the other products to make me feel a little more flawless.

We so beyond grateful for our new addition & I cannot thank you al enough for your constant support! XOX

Monday, June 11, 2018


It has been a hot minute since I have talked about my makeup car routine that I lovingly call The B//B Car Kit ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿป and since it has changed a bit I wanted to share with you babes! These are the goodies that I keep in my car to get my eyebrows lookin fly and my lips glossy while in the drive-thru grabbing tots and a Diet Coke.

This is ALSO an incredible gift to give friends!! Go as big or as small as you can and include other friends in the gift to make it more lavish, but every girl needs an emergency beauty kit in her car!

First things first hygiene!! Before I can worry about lipgloss I make certain that I am never caught without BREATHE REFRESHERS and I cannot live without these DEODORANT WIPES to ensure I am smelling fresh regardless of how “fresh” I feel. I swear by the SHOUT WIPES to keep my clothes clean after Taco Bell, along with HAND SANITIZER & your PAIN KILLER of choice for obviously survival reasons.

Next up CONCEALER : I have used this salmon toned concealer for yeaaaaars and I still swear by it. It is my preferred concealer to use without foundation, blends out perfectly with just my finger and makes me look like I didnโ€™t ACTUALLY stay up watchin Netflix until 2am ๐Ÿ˜˜ It only comes in two shades, but it will cancel out your dark circles and brighten those tired eyes in NO TIME!

If you are like me and prefer a bit of dimension to the face, then CONTOUR is a must! I know if can be tricky to find a shade that blends easy with the finger tips and looks natural without foundation, but THIS ONE (in the shade “Amber”) is my holy grail.

Nothing wakes up the face like BLUSH ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ On the days when I need a little extra color I will pop on the cushion blusher from PeriPera and then just pat into my cheeks โ€“ the color isnโ€™t the mooooost long wearing, but I love how natural it looks on the skin and that I donโ€™t need a brush to apply it with.

I keep (on average), like 6 lip products in my car at all times – call my crazy, but you just NEVER KNOW!! The two requirements are that they must be versatile and they can’t melt, ha! So my favorites that fit that category are this LIP OILย , this LIP TREATMENT along with this NUDE GLOSS plus this GLOWY GLOSSย (beyou10 to save $$ on your entire purchase). They never disappoint! Lately I have added this HOLO GLOSS and this matte NUDE LIPSTICK that go with absolutely everything.

I liiiiiive for my brows. I have truly become addicted to have them look feathery and bold because it lifts my eyes and seriously makes me look more awake. I never leave the house without my Lancome Brow Gel! I get my brows waxed and tinted everything six weeks, but there is NOTHING more annoying than needing a pair of tweezers and not having them!! I never leave the house without my Tweezerman.

I want to be THAT girl that always has the things when you need them #clutchfriendgoals. So I keep these HairBands in my bag at.all.times. They donโ€™t kink your hair and WORK.

ALL OF THAT fits perfectly (with pleeeeeeenty of room for more) into THIS MESH BAG! I swear by this bag because I can see all the things without dumping out the contents of the entire bag ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

I hope you find this helpful โ€“ I know that we are ALWAYS on the go, so I love having things I can count on in a crunch! What is in YOUR beauty car kit?? Did I leave anything out?

xo. Kayti

Saturday, June 2, 2018


You babes are always hounding me about what I am wearing, so I am here to dish the deets because I KNOW just how hard it can be to feel fabulous while your body is eeeeeever changing! My favorite shops during this pregnancy have been Free People (I shop the sale rack only!), ASOS and Urban Outfitters – the more flowy, the better!

I have grabbed a buuuunch of dresses this pregnancy because they are an easy throw on and make me feel feminine while I FEEL wretched ๐Ÿ˜˜ I have to mention that these SELL OUT FAST, so if you are even thinking about it, grab them while you can!!

PINK FLORAL ($60) : I sized down on this dress and the drape is soooo beautiful. I wish I could wear it everyday. It is an absolute statement that I feel incredible in! :ย EASY STRIPE ($40) : This one is form fitting, but paired with a denim jacket is what all my cozy dreams are made out of : ย BLACK & WHITE FLORAL ($56) : This dress is sooooo lightweight and the drape is so flattering I am planning on wearing this even after baby! I sized down two sizes in this one too ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ: BLACK TIE ($33) : Long t-shirt with a tiny detail?? Sign me up. This dress is so cozy and hangs so well over my giant bump! : RUFFLE SLEEVE ($64) : I plan on wearing this for every date night until baby comes. The sleeves are extra feminine and the fit is snug, but I love how it shows off my bump in all the right ways!

Not all of my tops are from the maternity section because I have a hard time investing all my monies into things that I can’t wear after baby as well! With that said there are a few staples that I LOVE that just make being pregnant and feeling comfortable yet beautiful that much easier.

BLACK & WHITE SLOUCH TEE (2 pack for $29) : My friend @Jennaskitchen introduced me to these t-shirts and they are SO DANG COMFY!!! I bought in a pack with white and black and sized down, but now I am tempted to buy another pack because they are all I want to wear! :ย GREY V-NECK PEPLUM ($) : I bought this in an XL to fit over my bump and while it is still super slouchy, it is honestly the most comfortable top I own. GREY STRIPE ($) : This is another one that isn’t maternity, but the boxy shape still fits over the bump and will look so cute tucked into jeans when I finally have a waist again ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿป: ย RUST THERMAL TEE ($34) : I love the color of this tee and while it is sheer an XL fits over my bump and drapes beautifully! :ย BLACK & WHITE CAMISOLE (2 pack for $32) I bought one of these camisoles in white and then ordered the 2 pack with white and black! I adore the cut of these and they look incredible under sweaters/jackets/kimonos! I love how lightweight they are, but that they are lined so they aren’t see-through. PEACH BURN OUT ($40) : I love how light this tee is, but the choker neck line still makes a statement. I bought mine in a large and it fits great over the bump, but will also look great tucked in after baby. WHITE TEE ($40) : This top is nursing friendly too, so I feel great about buying a super simple white t-shirt that will work for now and after baby!! :ย BLACK KNOTTED TEE ($22) : I bought this in white and quickly ordered more colors because the XXL fits under my bump and it’s so cheap! : RUFFLE SLEEVE ($45) : ย This top is one of my favorites to wear! It’s feminine, not see-though and keeps this pregnant mama cool even on super, super hot days :ย POPPY KIMONO ($34) : Not only do I wear this over a tank or camisole, but I love it at the pool too! The great thing about tops like this is that it can be paired with anything, used as a nursing cover and ALWAYS fits.

Finding the right pair of pants for your bump is a verrrrry personal journey I have found, but these are the bottoms that I have reached for the most because they are the most comfortable!

BLACK FLARE JEAN ($51) : These sit under the bump and while I am giant and sweaty I have much preferred the pants that sit under the bump. I went down two sizes in these and they are so freaking comfortable. I have short legs and so I had to cut them a bit to get the same effect the model shows, but I love these pants!!! BLACK KNIT SKIRT ($16) : This has been a skirt that is so simple to pull on, can be dressed up or dressed down, allows me to live my mom life and is super comfortable. CROP JEAN ($40) : These are so stretchy and comfortable!! While these don’t stay up on my waist well they are so flattering and comfortable I don’t mind hiking them up every once and awhile! : FLORAL FLARE SKIRT ($24) : Comfortable PLUS feminine floral? Yes please. : GREEN KHAKI ($40) : I adore the straight leg fit of these pants and they give enough structure while being real real comfy : BLACK DRESS PANTS ($40) : These are my GO-TO pants lately! They feel like sweats, but the tapered fit and dressy fabric makes even a t-shirt look dressed up!!

Heels are off limits this pregnancy, so I have had to glam up my shoe game to keep lookin’ fly!

PLATFORM SANDAL ($40) : These are truly the lightest weight most comfortable shoes I own and it takes all in my power to NOT wear them daily : BLACK BUCKLE SLIDE ($23) : I see A LOT of slides, but I wanted something that looked a lil’ Gucci ๐Ÿ˜˜ but kept it reaaaaal casual. These are both comfortable and classy!! : BLACK STUDDED SLIDES ($22) : These flats go with everything and are on constant rotation because they are a bit dressy while still being low profile : NUDE SLIDES ($35) : Obvi, I am on a slide kick. These just go with everything and work perfectly as a pool and lounge shoe.

Feeling fantastic pool side while growing a human is QUITE a feat, truly. These suits make me feel incredible, hold up my saggy breasts and flatter my 8-month-preggo belly. HALLELU!

PEACH SUIT ($42) : This suit is a tad cheeky, but I love that it makes my legs look longer to counter balance the width that my belly sticks out : RED RUFFLE SUIT ($42) : I am thrilled with how this looks and how sexy it looks on my boobs!! : STRIPED SUIT ($35) : Nothing better than a classic to kick it pool side with the kids.

Here is my mantra after baby (and alllll the time really ๐Ÿ˜˜) : ALWAYS look as glamorous as possible! When I am at a lack of sleep, wearing an adult diaper and showering “sparingly” at best I think it is very very important to still feel feminine and elegant. I invest in beautiful loungewear during no other time in my life, but AFTER I have a baby.

STRIPE ROBE ($34) : The picture doesn’t do this incredible robe justice. I am soooo impressed with the comfort and drape of this robe I am tempted to wear it out on date night – it’s really that incredible! : PINK FLORAL ROBE ($70) : I cannot wait to wear this after baby because it will work as a robe and nursing cover perfectly : HOUSE DRESS ($65) : This is the BEST house dress I own and, no joke, I have tried them all. It is so light weight, super comfortable while having juuuuust the right amount of structure. I am obsessed. : POPPY & DOT ROBES ($58) : I bought these robes because they are just long enough to wear even in front of guests and the flutter sleeves + floral pattern will keep me feeling girly even covered in baby poo ๐Ÿ˜œ

Cheers to pregnancy babes & cheers to feeling incredible while growing a human my sweet friends!!

xo, Kayti