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Thursday, August 10, 2017

B//B DUPE: beauty sponge

Lemme save you a few dolla’ dolls’ bills yo because Holy Hannah, I am telling you, this dupe is 🙌🏼 I have used A LOT of sponges in my time and truly the beauty blender has and will always be on top (for me). BUT I see you babes not wanting to spend $20 on a “sponge”!!! To you, my friend, I say, “Trouble yourself no more.” @loreal reaaaaalllly stepped it up with this sponge – it is not shaped exactly like the OG @beautyblender, but I find it allows for quicker application and is just as bouncey and light to allow for easy, flawless blending! I am obsessed! It’s only $6 AND on Amazon prime rn with a coupon.

LOREAL “Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender” ($6.95)


xo – Kayti

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

B//B DUPE: foundation

Soooooo, @makeupforever “Ultra HD” was my holy grail foundation for years. It is light weight on the skin, but gives you COVERAGE and it wears beautifully through the day! I stopped using it ’cause #thebeautybloggerlife, but I have been craving somethin’ old reliable 😉 After snagging this from Sephora I started my dupe research aaaaannnnd came upon the @lagirlcosmetics “Pro Coverage” foundation. Boy, oh boy. I don’t know what else to say, other than the MakeUp ForEver foundation is going back to Sephora my friends. That $5 😱😱😱 foundation is frigging BOMB babes!

There is only one difference that I can see between the two foundations: the wear. The LA Girl foundation doesn’t wear as long as the MakeUp Forever foundation, BUT I have reconciled that with the right primer. By using a great primer (my favorite is the Becca Backlight Priming Filter) I can get this $5 foundation to look perfect for about 6 hours! There is some settling after that in my fine lines, but for the price I am just over here like, whatever!!!!

I have the colors “Porcelain” for my natural skin tone and “Natural” for my tanned self 😉 If you are wondering about colors simply google “foundation swatches” of the foundation and you will be able to get a better gauge 👌🏽

LA GIRL “Pro Coverage” HD Illuminating Foundation ($4.56 for 0.95 oz)

MAKEUP FOREVER “Ultra HD” Foundation ($43 for 1.10oz)

xo – Kayti

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

B//B DUPE: mattifying primer

This dupe is my favorite to start out with because I LOVE finding products in the Korean market that work just as well as the US market and are a fraaaaaaaction of the cost 🙌🏼 The @benefitcosmetics #porefessional is a cult favorite because it fills pores and mattifies oily skin to keep you lookin’ like you got a filter on yo face all the damn day! If you are already a fan then I don’t need to tell you all the reasons that you need the @aritaum “Pore Master” because these two are identical in texture, consitency and performance. BUT if you do need convincing, my dupe is only $13 on Amazon (compared to $31 for the high end 😱), it will keep your foundation in place all day AND keep any oils from disrupting your makeup!

Both of these primers are flesh toned and do an incredible job at filling in the pores and leaving you with a smooth surface for your foundation that will keep oil at bay! My dupe actually gives you MORE product and costs less than half of the Porefessional 🙌🏼

ARITAUM “Pore Master” $13/0.90 oz

BENEFIT “Porefessional” $31/0.75oz

xo – Kayti