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Monday, October 8, 2018

B//B Budget Beauty Bests

Heeeeeere we go : Beyouty Bureau Budget Beauty Bests!! Say that three times fast, geeeesh. I know it can be overwhelming to get ALL.THE.THINGS. First off, let me confirm, you do not need all the things. Secondly, let me save you some monies. I have compiled a list of my very favorite beauty products that fall into any budget, but do not sacrifice in performance or quality!!

NOTE : You WILL NOT find foundation, primer or skincare recommendations included in this list! Those are products that I cannot emphasize enough investing in. Trust me. More on that later 😘

First category is : CONCEALER!! No need to spend an arm and a leg to cover them dark circles. Here are my top three concealers for under $10 each 👊🏼

INNISFREE $8.99 : This cream formula blends out seamlessly, sits beautifully on the skin and dries down matte so that is LASTS through the day. I have never been more impressed with a budget friendly concealer than this one. :: MAKEUP REVOLUTION $7.00 : I use shade C2 to brighten my under eyes, but their shade range is unreal – there is a shade for absolutely everyone! :: THE SAEM : This pink brightening complex is incredible for lightweight coverage that I prefer using on no-makeup days!

CREAM CONTOUR : These add dimension to the face and blend out perfectly on the skin both with or without foundation!

MAYBELLINE FIT ME $7.99: This is actually a foundation stick, but in the shade #330, I get the perfect day time contour :: JORDANA $17: This stick is INCREDIBLE for very fair babes that have a really hard time finding a neutral contour shade. It has the perfect grey undertone to create stunning shadows on the face without looking to heavy :: SOAP & GLORY $12 : I use this other contour stick as a blush/bronzer duo (in shade Wunderbronze) and love how fresh it looks on the cheeks!

POWDER CONTOUR/BRONZER : These are each the perfect shade and are formulas that I reach for over my high end bronzers. All under $20!!

MILANI $8.99 : This is a true bronzer (has a bit of shimmer, used to bring warmth to the face) and was recommended to me by Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist. So feels obvious that this is incredible :: PHYSCIANS FORMULA $14.99 : I looooove the scent of this bronzer and that it is a creamy matte formula perfect for creating cheekbones :: NYX $5 : This is actually a blush, but the shade is SO RIGHT for contour!

BLUSH : Blush is my verrrrry favorite to purchase from the drugstore!! The colors and formula are just as good and for $2.99 they never let me down!

ESSENCE : This blush is a MUST HAVE in any makeup collection – perfect coral shade, just $2.99!! :: MILANI $7.99 : I adore the shade ‘Luminoso’, but every shade is stunning on the skin :: LOREAL TRUE MATCH $11.99: This blush doesn’t look like much, but it is a staple for every skin tone – the perfect flush of pink – shade ‘Baby Blossom’:: PHYSICIANS FORMULA $12.99 : I adore the formula of these blushes – creamy and PIGMENTED! :: COVERGIRL $8 (not pictured) : This formula is hard to find now, but if you grab it from Amazon I know you will thank me later!

HIGHLIGHTERS : These can be tricky to find at the drugstore because I find that they can be a bit powdery and add texture to the skin, but here are my favorites that always deliver glowy skin!

MAKEUP REVOLUTION $9 : I add these glow drops to my primer or moisturizer They add color and glow, while evening out my skin and adding lustre to even the most matte foundation. :: WET N’ WILD $4.99: Each shade in this range is incredible!! I have never been let down by this formula. :: ESSENSE $4.49 : Most budget friendly option is probably my most used for a subtle/natural highlight! :: SLEEK MAKEUP $14.99 : Four for the price of one, this little palette is the most wet looking of all the budget friendly options. I looooove this for a statement look!

EYESHADOW : For the biggest bang for your buck, I highly, highly recommend grabbing a palette! Each of these you can snag for less than $20 after using your $3.50 off coupon from Ulta 🙌🏼 I have tagged ONE jelly shadow that I adore though, juuuuuuust in case your in the market!

JUVIA’S PLACE $20+ : These are not only pigmented AF, but they’ve got a palette for every girl. There are so many options! From the most daring to the most neutral, you are guaranteed to get high quality mattes and shimmer in every palette! :: KARITY $29 : These are easy to snag off Amazon and are also long wearing and super duper pigmented. I have loved the Smokey palette for a long time, but I am going to get reaaaaaal good use out of the Matte palette too :: BH COSMETICS $16+ : My two favorites from this line are the Zodiac and the Carli Bybel – both are actually really wearable and I thing these are the most versatile of the bunch I have listed! :: COLOURPOP $6 : I loathe their eyeshadow palettes 😬, but their new Jelly Much shadows are like nothing I have ever used, like so dang good!! They go on smooth a creamy with a brush or the fingers and dry down to a powder that STAYS PUT. I bought most of the shades and I am very very impressed!

EYELINER : I am kiiiiiiinda a diva when it comes to eyeliners – it must stay put and look pretty by the end of the day! And while those seems like obvious expectations, MOST LINERS just don’t deliver on those. These are the few cheaper options that I have found that uphold to my standards!

MAYBELLINE $7.99 : I adore these metallic liners – they don’t layer well, so you have to be careful, but they are incredible for creating a quick statement on the eye! :: NYX $8.99 : The Epic Ink liner has been compared to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and while I still prefer the high end version, this option is really great! The Vivid Brights liners are INCREDIBLE – also a tad tricky to use, but if you were in small sections you can get the most vivid, bright and beautiful liner.

MASCARA : I know that there are A LOT of mascara options and I can’t tell you I have tried them aaaaaaalllll, but trust and believe I have tried quite a few in my day. These three have come out of top because they give me volume and don’t end up under my eyes by the end of the day!

COVERGIRL $8.99 :: FLOWER BEAUTY $9.99 :: LOREAL $9.99 ::

EYEBROWS : Truth be told, I don’t love love love anything from the drugstore for my brows, BUT these are the best options I have found!!

NYX $7.49 :: ARDELL $9.99 :: REVLON $9.99 :: LA GIRL $5.99 ::

LIPS : There are so many great lip options from the drugstore and honestly some of my favorite formulas are budget friendly! I have compiled my favorite brands to use to save buck, but not skimp of quality, pigment or wear!!

COLOURPOP : I am obsessed with ALL the Colourpop lip options – Ultra Blotted? Bomb. LippieStix? Bomb. Ultra Satin?? Bomb. Colour Luxe??? Bomb! They are all bomb! :: COVERGIRL : Of course Katy Perry slaaaaayed the color options, but the Katy Kat Matte lipsticks are incredibly long wears and although it seems random, I reach for these more than any other drugstore options I have :: SEPHORA : There are a buuuuuunch of different formulas in this line, but honestly I have been impressed by every single tube :: LOREAL : This was the first brand of lipstick that I grabbed waaaaaaay back in the day and Fairest Nude and British Red remain my forever faves  ::

This list evolves as I try new things, but some of these have remained the same for yeaaaaaaars. I will add products here as I discuss them and as my opinion changes – rest assured this list a beauty babes best friend!!

Do you spy something you love?

xo, Kayti


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

QVC x Urban Decay Look

Fantaaaaaastic news budget friendly babes – you can now shop Urban Decay Cosmetics via QVC🙌🏼 This means you can snag one of my holy grail Urban Decay foundations, a SET of my favorite eye shadow primers and the braaaand new *limited edition* Element palette! I meeeeeean, those shimmery shimmers are MY JAM & so very on trend for fall. ALSO, (if you are a customer new to snag $5 off your first purchase with code “FIVE4U” 👌🏼

Here is the look that I created with this stunning palette and everything else pictured that you can still snag from QVC for a screamin’ deal! I love how this look turned out!!


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Friday, September 21, 2018

Secret Nordstrom Beauty Sale!

Juuuuuust a friendly reminder of all the things I would recommend grabbing over at the Nordstrom Beauty sale and a few looks I created with the products that I love (included in the sale, obvs 💁🏻‍♀️)!!

First up, what I filled my cart with! The things that I have been putting off buying, but have heard incredible things about, just thought were worth a shot OR already own and MUST stock up on.

FACE WIPES : I ran out of my stock pile recently, so snagged a few more of my favorite makeup removing face wipes! :: BODY LOTION : The reviews are out of this world for this lotion and it has been in my cart forever – finally pulled the trigger :: TINTED MOISTURIZER : This is the hottest item that eeeeeveryone owns but me. It was about time I figured out what all the hype was about :: SETTING POWDER : This travel set includes ALL of the best setting powders and is all I need in my life (eye brightener powder, translucent & glow!) :: SECRET CONCEALER : This was one of the first beauty items that I bought way back in the day and LOVED it. Ordered another one to see if it’s as incredible as I remember for blemishes :: BOLD BLUSH : I already own a few shades in this formula, but they are so good, the shade ‘Grapefruit’ just needed to be mine :: PORE PRIMER : I have a sample of this primer that I have been using over the past week and OMGEEEEE, I am in love. Ordered the full size & cannot WAIT! :: BLUE MASCARA : I already own a few tubes, but I have heard this is getting discontinued & I love giving it as a gift 😘 so I bought a few more :: LIP GLOSS : I am sooooo hooked on the balm in this same shade I had to grab this formula in the same shade, obvs :: BRUSH CLEANER : This cleaner is so effective and the easiest that I have used to get my brushes clean, so I stocked up on this one while it is cheaper! :: LIPSTICK : The shade ‘Bare’ has been sitting in my cart for ages, so I finally made to decision to make her apart of my collection :: EYE PRIMER : This formula is gold for me, so I picked up another shade of shimmer to wear on no-makeup days 👍🏼

Second up, the things I cannot live without. These are the beauty items that I reach for the most and that I have loved for years – they are my holy grails!

You babes know how much I love each of these products, you see them ALLL the time. No need to explanation. BRONZER :: EYE SHIMMER :: LIP OIL :: LIP BALM :: LIPSTICK :: EYE CREAM :: SHIMMER SHADOW PALETTE :: BROW POMADE :: STICK FOUNDATION :: MATTE FOUNDATION :: GLOWY FOUNDATION :: CONCEALER :: LIQUID LIPSTICK :: EYESHADOW

Lastly, the gift sets that are worth the price even IF they weren’t on sale!! I loooooove getting in holiday shopping early so that I am not stressed when it is crunch time. These are the things that will earn you “best gift giver” for any beauty junkie in your life.

POWER LIP : This NARS formula is absolutely incredible & I adore the size of these because I would never go through a full tube (they are that pigmented, you only need the smallest amount!) :: LIQUID LIPSTICK SET : This seems crazy, but these are THE BEST formula of liquid lipstick and would cover of your friends! I would split these all apart and keep some for me and gift the rest to sisters and friends :: HEAT SET : I adore my Petite Heat palette and THIS set also includes my favorite primer, the one and only setting spray and a great black liner. No brainer! :: GIANT HIGHLIGHTER : This size will last you (or your buddy) until the apocalypse and is in my top three favorite highlighters while ALSO being cheaper than the original size – GLORY GLORY – get it!! $52 VALUE 🙌🏼 :: BROW/LASH SERUM : These serums retail for $100 A PIECE & so the set was already an incredible deal, but now it’s ON SALE! I have seen results already in my brows after using this suuuuuuper sparingly for only a month! :: BLUSH SET : Not only does this set include all the best Benefit blushes AND a brush, but it includes the famous Hoola bronzer. Packaged in one travel friendly box!! It’s perfection! :: GLITTER LINER : I have loved these eyeliners for yeaaaaaars, so I gifted MYSELF a few more shades. They are really so so good. :: MUST HAVE : This set includes one of my favorite highlighters, a stunning blush and my latest lash discovery! I am buying this set for my mom for Christmas!

I hope you find something from the sale that you have been wanting!!

xo, Kate