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Thursday, June 8, 2017

fave: eyeliner

It’s about fine time that I share with you all of the eyeliners that I love. Weeeeelllll, eye see you babes and eye got you 😍 see what eye did there? Hahahaha, I crack myself up!!

Here they are in all their glory. The who, what and why of my favorites in the eyeliner department!!

Let’s go from the top-down, shall we??

I am always looking for a friggin pencil sharpener so I bought this NARS sharpener that sharpens both my thin and jumbo pencils and I have never turned back – best $6 I have spent!

The Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil’s have a 12hr and are waterproof and so not only do they stay put, but they are just $10 a pop! I love, love, love that there are 27 colors to choose from and that they have both a matte and a shimmer formula!! I adore the colors “Indulge Yourself“, “Blonde Ambition” (pictured above) and “Cappuccino“, “Purple Stiletto” and “My Boyfriends Jeans“. My favorite way to use these are for a fun pop in the waterline to amplify the lash line and draw the focus to my eyes!

These Marc Jacobs Highliners are LEGIT. They are reaaaaal creamy and will not budge after their applied, even in the waterline. The colors are incredibly pigmented and might be a pretty penny, but in my opinion are well worth it!! My favorite colors are “EarthQuake” (pictured above), “Mist Me” and “Out of the Blue“.

For a crisp winged liner I ALWAYS use gel and the fun, trendy colors aren’t ones that I want to invest in, so NYX has brought it home!! I really really love the NYX Vivid Bright liners in “Vivid Delight“, “Vivid Sapphire” (pictured above), “Vivid Blossom” and “Vivid Envy“. They are fluid and although their staying power isn’t great I feel super good about getting my $6.99 worth 😉

The ONLY gel liner that I use these days is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in “Trooper“. No other single liner that I have found compares with how matte black this applies, how long it stays put and how simple it is to apply!! If you can write with a pencil you can use this liner!

I have used this Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liner for years and nothing compares!! It is so creamy, SO black and so pigmented and sticks like glue in my waterline without irritating my eyes. She is my tried and true!

Another stunner from Urban Decay are their Heavy Metal glitter liners!! They are so beautiful on the eyes, they don’t get cakey and they apply so fluidly! My personal favorite is “Midnight Cowboy” which is the perfect marriage between silver and gold so it compliments every single eye look!

xo – K

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

fave: eyeshadows

I left ya’all hanging RIGHT in the middle of my favorites so I want to pick up where we left off!! Today I bring you my fave: eyeshadows 🙌🏼 I get asked A LOT about eyeshadows and honest to goodness my favorite ones are ALL budget friendly and are the ones I reach for! I have also tagged my favorite brushes and the lid primer that beats them all!!

If you are EVER going to use eyeshadow, first rule: make all that work worth.your.while!! In order to keep things from moving around I use the Urban Decay Primer Potion! BUT I buy the travel size from Nordstrom Rack for $10 and it has lasted me over a year 🙌🏼

Speaking of primers my dears, the Maybelline Color Tattoo shadow pots are my holy grail in shadow primer and colors! They stay put all day long and have build-able shimmery color pay off that flatters even more mature eyes. They help light up the eyes from behind and can be applied with the fingertip or a brush. My bff colors are “Bad to the Bronze“, “Inked in Pink” and “Bold Gold

That palette there has EVERYTHING a lady could need for both everyday and that glam life!! It is the perfect combo of matte and shimmer and includes a few beautiful pops of color to add dimension to any eye look. The quality of these shadows are top notch and for just $19.99 I reach for these over my MAC shadows all day every day. MORPHE 35W WARM PALETTE

THE BEEEEEST brushes are from!! They have upped their shipping so I suggest callin up yo’ girls and go in on a shipment together so you can qualify for their free shipping ($75+), but believe me you will never need another brush in your life!! They are better quality than my MAC brushes IMO and are ALL under $15. A few of my favorites are M421, M430, E22 and G24!

XO – K


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

amazon lately : MAY 2017

My Amazon orders were random this month, but I feel the most confident about the goodies I bought in May! Here is my Amazon lately!!

1: These MUJI Unbleached Facial Cloths were recommended to my by a dear friend who knows my South Korean beauty obsession. I can say confidently that these are the newest, but definitely my FAVE purchase this month. They are not only dirt cheap, but are the highest quality cotton product I have ever used with my micellar water and toner. They feel like butter on the skin!! So much so that my favorite part of my nighttime beauty routine is JUST using these. OMG I have no clue how I lived without them, but TRUST me, I will never be caught without them again!

2: These Transparent Orange Sunnies were an absolute HIT on my IG story and since they come in 7 colors (pink, blue, green, brown, grey, red and orange)  and are JUST $10, there is one to suit absolutely everyone 😉

3: You babes asked for these Leopard Flat Top Sunnies so I am linking them!! You may have noticed, but I have a sunglass addiction. Ain’t no time to worry ’bout that when these are only $9 and look like I just tore them off Kim Kardashians face!!!

4: My earring collection is bananas, so I ordered myself another Umbra Earring Tree  to display that absurdity. I looooove that I can hang both posts and hooks from this tree. They look stunning hanging up and I don’t lose track of what I have because I can see them all at once!

5: I used to LOVE my Coastal Scents {10 color} Blush Palette and I just have no clue where it went, so I ordered both color ways so that I could add those back into my collection! There is no better way to buy a million blush options than with these palettes. The pigment is not phenomenal, but they build up beautifully and never look chalky on the cheeks!!

6: You babes bought out the mirrored ASOS sunnies that I too love, but now that they are sold out I hate wearing them and teasing you with the cuteness. Lo and behold, their cheaper dupe thanks to Amazon! These Silver Mirrored Sunnies are an almost exact dupe for my $30 sunnies, but are half the price – can I get a hallelujah??!

7: These Black FlatTop Sunnies  are some of my favorites that I have snagged from Amazon – so much so that when my daughter crushes the lens, I just bought a replacement 😉

8: This seems like a dumb thing to post here, but I have recently become real, real, real, real, REAL tired of laundry. If you are a mama, then the struggle is real: you wear a shirt ONCE and it gets one lil’ smudge and you gotta throw the whole thing in the laundry. Well, I say, “NO MORE”. These Shout Wipe & Go Wipes work lightening fast at removing stains and you don’t need to throw it in the wash, just LITERALLY wipe and go! It is that simple and I am buying stock in Shout because this is just mother-friggin genius.

9: The CosRX Pimple Patches (set of 4) need to start a month subscription service of these bad boys, because I replenish my stock monthly. I give them to friends to try and use them on my own because they are my holy grail, take to a deserted island type product. I just love ’em and THEY WORK!

10: I had NO CLUE they sold my beloved, precious shower oil/shaving cream in a refill and now my life is forever changed. Pay $25 for 8oz OR $37 for 17oz. Your choice. My choice is the cheaper option, obvs 😉

11: This isn’t exactly “beauty”, but these MIA Gladiator sneaker/sandal hybrid have not left my feet since I bought them so I thought YOU might like them too!! Be sure to buy a half size DOWN, but get ready for the most comfortable sandals you’ll ever own that don’t look like a frumpy Birkenstock. YES, I said it. xo