Friday, April 13, 2018


I used to LIIIIVE for the cutest most darling makeup bag on the planet, but since realizing that.don’ I am hooked on #FUNCTION!! My friend Tia suggested these makeup bags and I am absolutely hooked (like bough three of each hoooooooked!!). I love being able to see all the things I need at once instead of dumping out the contents to get to that ONE lipstick. I keep a couple in my car, use these for my kiddos and swear there is no better, more functional, spacious or durable makeup bag on the planet!

There are only four bags, but you will be SET with these four and then keep comin’ back for more, trust!

1 : TRAIN CASE $12 : I thought I would need two of these, but since I have discovered I can fit a FULL SIZE shampoo bottle in there, along with all the brushes, sprays and goodies I need to style my kids hair and keep my hair lookin’ fly I know I am set with just one!  2 : PENCIL CASE $10 : This is the perfect case to keep in your car or to store your makeup brushes in while you travel. It may LOOK small, but this bag will fit everything you need. Believe you me.  3 : MESH BAG $11 :  I didn’t have high hopes for this bag, but I have stuffed it full and it stays in my car holding a full face of makeup without blinking. I have since bought a few more of these because it is the most versatile size and I live for the mesh! 4 : BASIC ZIP CASE $12 : I could not be happier with this bag!!! I love love love seeing everything at once and since it can fit all the makeup one gal would need for a weeks worth of looks you know I bought three 😘 I love this case for my skincare while traveling too because if anything spills it is contained and is an easy wipe down!

xo, Kayti

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