MAKEUP/SKINCARE : #worththesplurge

Raise your hand if you’ve got adult acne 🙋🏽 Raise your hand if you’re getting older 🙋🏽 Now, raise your hand if you want your makeup to HELP your skin while you wear it 🙋🏽  THE BEST investment you can make into your makeup routine is in the products you put on yo’ face. Using clean ingredients  that perform like makeup but WERK like skincare is all I can ever ask for in a product!! Foundation that is good for my skin and not only keeps me looking youthful, but won’t irritate my poor acne-prone sensitive skin is a MAJ win in my book.

I rotate between these two foundations pictured and let me tell you why.

I LOVE the Image Skincare iConceal Flawless Foundation right after I get a chemical peel because I know that it won’t negatively affect my skin. This foundation is 100% mineral. No messing around, this stuff is incredible for your skin. I DO find that it doesn’t wear as well as my other foundations, but this was the best thing I could find for my acne prone skin that wouldn’t CAUSE more breakouts. Cleaning up your makeup is going to clean up your skin, I can promise you that. I have found that this is a very dewy foundation, but for best results I apply with a Beauty Blender sponge!

I was introduced to Beauty Counter earlier this summer and the Tint Skin has seriously become the unsung hero in my makeup routine. I apply this with the Morphe M439 for full, dewy coverage! I get so.many.complements. on my skin when I wear this and while it is not 100% mineral and not safe after treatments I know that it is free of parabens and all other toxins that fill our makeup these days. Not to mention they are cruelty free!

I haven’t tried ALL the clean foundations on the market, but WHY when I have found what works best for me?!! I hope you come to love them too!

xo. K

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