#lowkey Makeup Routine

If there is ONE thing I have learned whilst laying on my death bed/growing a human it is that: less is more (oh, AND that makeup smells terrrrrrrible when your pregnant 😜). With that said here are the key players in my #lowkey makeup look for the gal who wants to look fresh, but don’t got no time for the fuss!

CONCEALER : My TOP priority when it comes to makeup is: looking awake. #DUH. For full awakeness (yes, that is now a word 😘) that works with every skin tone I bring you MY HOLY GRAIL CONCEALER. This babe applies easy with just the fingertip and will keep your eyes looking bright and hydrated. This concealer is one of my clients favorites and works for both young and aging skin beautifully. Most importantly this concealer is the PERFECT shade of salmon that cancels out blue/purple veins so not a soul needs to know how late you were up bingeing Netflix #youarewelcome.

GLOSS : This honey has been my go-to gloss for moooooonths now and I feel confident recommending it to each of you because it is a universal shade that flatters every shade of skin and leaves your lips feeling hydrated and lookin real glossy!

BROWS : I have sworn by this clear brow gel foreve’s, but my low maintenance self needed a lil’ color in her life. I recently converted to the tinted gel in “Brun”! THIS STUFF keeps my brows put, adds dimension AND color all at once!

CONTOUR : When it comes to subtle dimension in the face this is the tool that DELIVERS chiseled cheekbones while staying natural and simple to use! The color “Amber” has a beautiful grey undertone that flatters the natural skin and looks more like a natural shadow on the face than bronzer. Simply blend in with the fingers for beautiful definition!

BLUSH : Blush without a brush?? Yes please! I am hooked on these CUSHION BLUSHERS because they look so fresh on the face and they are sooooo simple to use! Apply to the cheeks and pat in with the fingertips.

If you are feelin’ a little extra and you’ve got time, slap on your favorite mascara and you are golden sister! How’s THAT for #lowkey????!? Do you love?

xo, Kayti

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