I have posted about this gem before, but after a week in the sun and water, my hair was LONG overdue for some deeeeeep conditioning & I wanted to share this bae with you!!! Summer can be harsh on our hair so keeping it healthy is critical, but not all deep conditioners are created equal.

I’ve got dry hair, coarse and color treated hair and trust, I’ve used DOZENS of deep conditioner to attempt to reconcile that. This Too Cool For School ‘Egg Remedy Hair Pack‘ mask takes the cake babes and I can honestly say it is the only one I can recommend in good conscience! It leaves my hair hydrated, but not weighed down and allows me to rock HEALTHY hair for days on days.

Since the directions are in Korean, here is how I use it: after shampooing/rinsing, squeeze out excess water from your hair. Apply a generous amount to the hair starting in the ends and work up into the roots/scalp. Then I leave this in while I shower (shave yo’ legs, exfoliate your body, scrub yo’ feet etc etc etc) and then rinse out 5-10 minutes later! EASY!!

It is just $18 and in FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY back in stock – so ruuuuuuunnnn!

xo – K

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