Alright folks, you’ve asked so I will deliver!

If you caught @salis_skincare & I on periscope today you would have seen each of these glorious products in action, but if you missed it here is a play-by-play:

Salis Skincare was developed by the ever beautiful & extremely talented holistic esthetician, Laura Bradford. She suffered from acne for a good portion of her life & after realizing the harmful affects of the chemicals she was using to ‘help’ her situation she got to work finding a natural solution to her skin woes. After years of research & testing, enter Salis Skincare!  She has developed a full line of skin care to treat the toughest of skin problems that is also safe enough for pregnant women. Each product is formulated with top-grade organic ingredients & they all smell divine!

Here is how I use each of her products & what incredible benefits it brings me:

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Step 1. REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP. This step is critical & honestly it does not matter what you use to remove makeup, but the washing will be most beneficial on a bare face. Here is my favorite wash of the moment & my fave facial cleansing wipes!

Step 2. WASH FACE. Using the Salis Skincare scrub, simply rub onto face & allow product to sit of your face for a least a few minutes. {I LOVE doing this in the middle of my shower & leaving it on while I condition my hair or shave my legs} Then rinse! It’s that easy. You will notice that there will be a light layer of oil left over on your skin, so just rub that in! Sometimes I don’t even need to moisturize after rinsing, it’s THAT hydrating.

Step 3. TREAT THE SKIN. If you are worried about sun spots or acne scars this product is for you! Hydrogen peroxide is the main magic ingredient in Kate Middleton’s coveted skincare product, so, if nothing more, I was convinced 😉 Hydrogen peroxide helps to oxygenate the skin allowing for cell regeneration & quicker turn over!

Step 4. HEALING SPRAY. Besides this product smelling incredible it contains salt (for antibacterial & healing benefits), sulfur (to rid skin of bad bacteria) & pure essential oils (for anti-aging & hydration benefits). This spray is SO refreshing!!

Step 5. HYDRATE!!! If you have heard me talk before, you know that I am a long-time fan of hyaluronic acid! Hyaluronic Acid carries 100x’s it’s weight in water & is found in all the high end skincare lines for it’s incredible benefits for the skin. This acid is naturally produced by our skin, but by using this product you help aid in that production leaving your skin supple, soft & young looking. What more can you want?!

Step 6. MOISTURIZE. Hyaluronic acid helps extend the effectiveness of your moisturizer, but nothing is better for the skin than oils. Then add a bit of Frankencense & you’ve got a anti-aging moisturizer good enough for a KING!

*OPTIONAL* Step 7. PREVENT. If you are worried about large pores or have active zits that need a little bit more attention leave this mask on for a few nights & BEHOLD the difference in your skin!

I really hope this is helpful guys! For more information comment here, check out or contact me directly at!! & be sure to use the code BEYOUTY at checkout on for 10% off YOUR ENTIRE ORDER. *this NEVER happens & although these products are worth their weight in gold, it is great to try something out for a discount!

Here is to incredible skin – XO – Kayti


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