Secret Nordstrom Beauty Sale!

Juuuuuust a friendly reminder of all the things I would recommend grabbing over at the Nordstrom Beauty sale and a few looks I created with the products that I love (included in the sale, obvs 💁🏻‍♀️)!!

First up, what I filled my cart with! The things that I have been putting off buying, but have heard incredible things about, just thought were worth a shot OR already own and MUST stock up on.

FACE WIPES : I ran out of my stock pile recently, so snagged a few more of my favorite makeup removing face wipes! :: BODY LOTION : The reviews are out of this world for this lotion and it has been in my cart forever – finally pulled the trigger :: TINTED MOISTURIZER : This is the hottest item that eeeeeveryone owns but me. It was about time I figured out what all the hype was about :: SETTING POWDER : This travel set includes ALL of the best setting powders and is all I need in my life (eye brightener powder, translucent & glow!) :: SECRET CONCEALER : This was one of the first beauty items that I bought way back in the day and LOVED it. Ordered another one to see if it’s as incredible as I remember for blemishes :: BOLD BLUSH : I already own a few shades in this formula, but they are so good, the shade ‘Grapefruit’ just needed to be mine :: PORE PRIMER : I have a sample of this primer that I have been using over the past week and OMGEEEEE, I am in love. Ordered the full size & cannot WAIT! :: BLUE MASCARA : I already own a few tubes, but I have heard this is getting discontinued & I love giving it as a gift 😘 so I bought a few more :: LIP GLOSS : I am sooooo hooked on the balm in this same shade I had to grab this formula in the same shade, obvs :: BRUSH CLEANER : This cleaner is so effective and the easiest that I have used to get my brushes clean, so I stocked up on this one while it is cheaper! :: LIPSTICK : The shade ‘Bare’ has been sitting in my cart for ages, so I finally made to decision to make her apart of my collection :: EYE PRIMER : This formula is gold for me, so I picked up another shade of shimmer to wear on no-makeup days 👍🏼

Second up, the things I cannot live without. These are the beauty items that I reach for the most and that I have loved for years – they are my holy grails!

You babes know how much I love each of these products, you see them ALLL the time. No need to explanation. BRONZER :: EYE SHIMMER :: LIP OIL :: LIP BALM :: LIPSTICK :: EYE CREAM :: SHIMMER SHADOW PALETTE :: BROW POMADE :: STICK FOUNDATION :: MATTE FOUNDATION :: GLOWY FOUNDATION :: CONCEALER :: LIQUID LIPSTICK :: EYESHADOW

Lastly, the gift sets that are worth the price even IF they weren’t on sale!! I loooooove getting in holiday shopping early so that I am not stressed when it is crunch time. These are the things that will earn you “best gift giver” for any beauty junkie in your life.

POWER LIP : This NARS formula is absolutely incredible & I adore the size of these because I would never go through a full tube (they are that pigmented, you only need the smallest amount!) :: LIQUID LIPSTICK SET : This seems crazy, but these are THE BEST formula of liquid lipstick and would cover of your friends! I would split these all apart and keep some for me and gift the rest to sisters and friends :: HEAT SET : I adore my Petite Heat palette and THIS set also includes my favorite primer, the one and only setting spray and a great black liner. No brainer! :: GIANT HIGHLIGHTER : This size will last you (or your buddy) until the apocalypse and is in my top three favorite highlighters while ALSO being cheaper than the original size – GLORY GLORY – get it!! $52 VALUE 🙌🏼 :: BROW/LASH SERUM : These serums retail for $100 A PIECE & so the set was already an incredible deal, but now it’s ON SALE! I have seen results already in my brows after using this suuuuuuper sparingly for only a month! :: BLUSH SET : Not only does this set include all the best Benefit blushes AND a brush, but it includes the famous Hoola bronzer. Packaged in one travel friendly box!! It’s perfection! :: GLITTER LINER : I have loved these eyeliners for yeaaaaaars, so I gifted MYSELF a few more shades. They are really so so good. :: MUST HAVE : This set includes one of my favorite highlighters, a stunning blush and my latest lash discovery! I am buying this set for my mom for Christmas!

I hope you find something from the sale that you have been wanting!!

xo, Kate


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