PMD: Review + Code

PMD Code + Review | The Beyouty Bureau

You babes know I LIVE for this baby. The PMD – Personal Microdermabrasion Device has been in my roster for 7+ years now I’ll tell you why!!

PMD Code + Review | The Beyouty Bureau

  • It comes through for me when my skin feels dull, removes dead skin and helps the new skin cells turn over!
  • It helps me absorb skin care and ensures my make up looks it’s best!
  • Reduces the appearance and remains of breakouts!
  • Basically anytime I think my skin isn’t looking it’s best, I whip it out! Once a week seems to do the trick!
  • I’m still going strong with the same one I bought all those years ago! I simply buy replacement heads!
  • You could go to a spa or salon and get a similar treatment for more than the cost of the device itself. Buy it once and get infinite use! I have heard of salons actually using the PMD and charging their clients $100+ for the treatment!!
  • Easy to transport, pack, and put away in a drawer. Not bulky in THEE slightest.

This is truly the best thing you could buy for your at-home skincare routine and lucky for us I have a 30% off code just use “BEYOU” at checkout!! Click here to jump over!


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