Monday, June 3, 2019


Mayyyybe my top requested post? WELP! Here you go, all my best playlists for your listening ears. I update these frequently, so be sure to follow 👍🏼 xoxo, Kayti

GLAM JAM : If you’ve heard it on my GRWM (get ready with me) you’ll find it here! All the tunes you need when yo feeling yo self.

LOOK UP : For rough days when you need a big ol’ boost.

WERK 👏🏼 OUT : Pump you up tunes, for a good work or just that mountain of laundry. Same, same.

BABES : A playlist fit for little kings and queens. We love this playlist for the nights we come home late from grandmas & before bedtime to calm the little people.

ZEN, PLEASE : Shocking, but even I don’t listen to dance hits all day. A good chilllll jam session for you.

DDR : Did I speak too soon? DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!


SUNDAE : Everyone needs a day of rest and spiritual realignment. These pretty tunes help me center and remember my divine worth.

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