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This is also the first in my “WORTH THE SPLURGE” series! I want to spend this entire week breaking down where I think you should put your money when it comes to your beauty routine. You babes KNOW I am all about a budget friendly makeup routine, but IMO there are a feeeeeeew things that you should spend your hard earned moolah on!

First up in our #WorthTheSplurge: SKIN. I can promise {cross my heart, hope to die} that investing in your skin NOW will save you money in the future. I cannot reiterate this more: DO NOT TRUST LABELS! Since when do we put the fate of our  precious, precious skin to a label at Walmart? Every woman is different, every woman’s SKIN is different and for that exact reason I say, “Meet with a professional!!” The best thing that I did for myself was look for answers – first from my doctor regarding my acne frustrations and then with Lisa Richards (@skin.boss) regarding healing my scarring and reversing the dreaded aging process.  After meeting with my professionals I left with a game plan and with a team of people who wanted my skin to improve!! I am telling you, it was the most liberating feeling on the planet!

When I discussed my concerns with my doctor we determined that going on 100mg of Spironolactone & birth control would help balance my hormones a bit and clear up my deep cystic zits. She told me to give it a bit of time, but that if THAT plan didn’t work, we would revisit the medications and look for something that would work. Well, it took about four months to see the results that I wanted, but I am so so pleased with how my skin started to look, even within the first few months. Now, after taking it for six months (and for the first time in almost 5 YEARS!!!) I haven’t had an explosion of monster zits on my chin before my period!! It cost me a $35 co-pay and $10 in meds per month to get the results that I had been so desperate and anxious for and trust me THOSE results have been so so worth it to me.

Educating yourself on your skin is one thing and THEN investing in the right products is another. I am not just talking about the skincare from the drugstore shelves that “promises” to erase wrinkles, revive bounce and provide you with younger looking skin overnight. I am talking about skincare the was specifically suggested TO YOU & FOR YOU! I have started investing in GOOD skincare and not only can I see a difference, but the people around me can see it too. I get regular chemical peels that helps to slough off dead skin, lightening acne scarring and increase collagen production (read: the fountain of youth 🙌🏼). I leave with skincare for my specific needs from Lisa who understands the science behind each product and who educates me on how to use each thing properly. I have fewer products now than ever and I am seeing more results with those few products than I have in years #truth.

These are the products that work for me in my routine and why I love them, BUT to create your own custom routine to YOUR needs be sure to contact Lisa Richards at or send @platinumstudios a DM on Instagram!

MEDICATION: I am currently taking 100mg of Spironolactone daily!

CLEANSER : I swear by oil cleansers because they don’t strip my face of natural oils, but DO remove even the toughest waterproof makeup! This one has been the most gentle on my acne-prone/sensitive skin and a little bit goes a really long way. Not to mention, it is one of the more budget friendly cleansers on the market and you can snag it through Amazon Prime 👍🏽

WASHCLOTH : I have used a lot of washcloths in my day, but this one just takes the cake. It is SO soft, but uses microfibers to pull off any excess gunk that my face wash just could get too.

SPA HEAD BAND: This is a lil’ extra item, but I include it here because I use it every night to keep my hairs dry while I wash my face! It is truly an item that I cannot live without. AAAANNNNND if you prefer the kitty vibe, THIS one is kinda the most darling thing ever!!

MAKEUP WIPES: On the lazy days when I am too tired to take off the day and am equally too consumed by ManHunt on Netflix (have you watched that??! OMG) I use my favorite sensitive makeup wipes. I love these because they are oil based and so they break up my makeup SO WELL and leave my skin feeling hydrated instead of stripped and tight!

EXFOLIATING MASK : ONCE a week I have started using this mask to really brighten the skin and keep my skin feeling fresh. It sits on the skin eating away the old, dry, dead cells and leaves me with the most youthful looking skin! Then I apply my skincare as follows.

TONER: I used to think this was a load of crap, but since using this stuff I see a significant difference in my skin – it looks brighter and scarring blemishes turn over quicker. A toners’ purpose is to rebalance the skin after cleansing and allow the skin to be in its best state to absorb the rest of your skincare efficiently! *THESE are the cotton squares of heaven that I use to apply 🙂

OIL : If you are new around here, let me just be clear – I am addicted to face oils. I have very very dry skin and this oil has become my very best friend in my skincare routine! I use this both morning and night and it leaves my skin looking luminous without feeling heavy on the skin. This line ALSO includes powerful Vitamin C to help brighten the skin (bye bye age spots)!!

CHEMICAL EXFOLIATOR #1: I rotate between this one and #2 every two nights to really get the best exfoliation and anti-aging effects! #1 has really really made a difference with my acne and now I loooooove how it feels on the skin.

CHEMICAL EXFOLIATOR #2: After using #1 for two nights I will take a day break and then use this for two nights in a row! This retinol keeps my skin looking tight and youthful, but I also love it for its acne fighting properties.

NIGHT LOTION : After those steps (only at night) I use a thick moisturizer to keep the skin plump and hydrated. I looooooove going to bed with glowing skin and this keeps my skin bouncy until the morning.

DAY LOTION : Before my sunscreen I apply this moisturizer to really bring life back into my skin in the morning. I love that this lotion is creamy, but doesn’t sit heavy on the face.

SUNCREEN : This is the last step in my skincare and since I usually LOOOOOATHE sunscreen, this is saying a lot for me to actually use this stuff!

LIP MASK: CANNOT FORGET my favorite lip mask that heals and repairs overnight!! I keep this in my nightstand and slather it on before I rest my eyes for the night!

SHOWER OIL: If you are in need of a new body wash (can’t forget to care for that body!!!) then you need this stuff. I use it as my wash and shaving cream and it has changed my shower game for the better!

There you have it!!! Everything I am using currently! I will say it again: things that work for me, may not work for you. I have worked with the professionals I listed to curate this routine just for me and it has truly worked miracles on my skin! I cannot force you to meet with Lisa, but I will encourage that until the end of time 😍

Cheers to great skin my friends – let me know if you have ANY questions at all.

xo – Kayti

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