Meet Billie ❤️

If you’ve been following my stories on Instagram you know how seriously I take my shower routine 💁🏻‍♀️ Teeeeeeeechnically, you can’t rinse or exfoliate your troubles away, but a great bath or shower ritual comes pretty damn close! These days, any and all therapy is happening in the shower and there is no better way for me to reset my mind and my skin than in steam.

Now when I say shower ritual, I do mean it’s a whole experience: my favorite beverage, audible, full-body shave, exfoliation, deep conditioning hair mask, and LOTS of steam!!

I’ve got a whole line-up of favorite products that I use in my routine, but I’ve recently made a switch that I can’t believe took me as long as it did. I’ve heard a lot of incredible reviews about the Billie razor, but admit I was a skeptic. I HATE being sold crap and so I bought it ready to give it two thumbs down, but I just can’t. I’m obsessed with this razor! It’s honest to goodness the best shave I’ve ever achieved. I paid full price and got the whole line up of products. They have a perfectly-formulated shaving cream that works well with my sensitive skin and their body wash and lotion are so affordable. While I’ve liked them all, the razor is for sure the star ✨ I love the gel around the blades that makes it glide smoothly over my skin because on the days I need a quick dry shave, my skin doesn’t suffer!

I have always fought an seemingly uphill battle with my bikini line and in grown hairs, but truly, since using the Bille Razor I am always always smooth down there 🙌🏼

Speaking of shaving, years ago, I watched some tv show where they talked about the importance of storing your razors in a way that allows them to dry and replacing them often to avoid microscopic cuts that make you more susceptible to bacteria. I’ve been very conscientious about this ever since. The Billie razor has such a great solution for this too! I love that I can subscribe to have fresh blades sent to me regularly, so I don’t have to keep track of replacing them, and it’s soooo much more budget friendly than what I was buying before.

Also, the magnetic holder that sticks to the wall of your shower is sleek, minimal and genius, because it stores the razor in a way that allows the blades to dry and keeps the blades from resting on a surface that would be less hygienic.

Do yourself a favor and before you pull out those shorts and shimmy into that swimsuit, head over to and upgrade your shower and skincare routine!!

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