make it last, baby

After I spend all that time styling and zhushing ain’t NOBODY got time to do that more than once a week (anyone else end up a sweaty mess after styling your hair??)! So to make it last as long as freakin’ possible here are my tips of the trade to baby!

First things first, don’t let your night face wash routine interrupt with your fabulous hairs! I do not wash my face without my Spa Headband that keeps my hair dry and out of my face. Then in between washes I STILL shower, but I keep my hair back in my beloved Dry Bar “The Morning After” shower cap. I swear by this shower cap because it keeps the water out and keeps my style dry dry dry.

I don’t typically use dry shampoo until day 3-4, but when I do I use it at night!! This is a trick that I have used for years and it gives you the most lift!! Using it at night allows the product to fully absorb the oils in the hair and gives you a bed-head lift at the roots. I prefer using the Kristin Ess Dry Shampoo before bed because it has a more powdery feel and REALLY absorbs the excess oils in my hair.

Because I have dry hair I love using the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day “Night Cap Overnight Perfector” through the ends in my hair because it helps to hydrate my hair and repairs my brittle ends while I sleep!

In the morning I will use my favorite tinted dry shampoo from Joico “Tint Shot” in Dark Brown and then brush through my roots with the Wet Brush “Pro Shine”! This brush helps to dispurse the healthy oils through the hair and blend your dry shampoo into the hair.

Best of lucky making your hair last as long as humanly possible & getting the MOST of your styling efforts!

xo – Kayti

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