I’m not usually a primer gal, but if I am going to reach for one it better dang well WORK! These are my three ride-or-die; each for a different reason and each are a cheap dupe for a high end product that you already know and LOOOOOVE!

(From left to right pictured)

First up, is a dupe for the MAC cult favorite ‘strobe cream’ that works just at well and is a fraction of the price! The Loreal Magic Lumi primer is my go-to babe for a luminous finish under my foundation without looking shiny. It doesn’t have as much staying power/help as the other primers, but I love adding it to a matte foundation to keep my inner glow vibes.

Second is my Korean dupe for the Benefit Porefessional! I’ve talked about this before, but if I haven’t already converted you, will you PLEASE just give it a go?? The Arituam Pore Master is the ONLY primer I will use these days and keeps my oil at bay. The beautiful thing about this primer is that IF any oil peeks through you can pat this on OVER your foundation 🙌🏼

Last is the dupe that I have found for the Too Faced Primed and Poreless! The Maybelline Baby Skin is a soft silicone that fills pores and will mattify skin on contact leaving you will a dry surface to slap your foundation on to!

Cheers to our makeup staying put ladies – xo – K

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