DR. BRANDT : Needles No More?!

I am not against aging, I am not above botox or filler, but I AM a huge advocate for doing what makes you feel your very best! But  when I heard about the Dr. Brandt new ‘Needles No More’ line,  it honestly looked a bit too good to be true. They claimed that after an hour . . .

  • 96% reported that crow’s feet area looked smoother
  • 88% reported that lines on forehead looked smoother
  • 90% reported that lines between brows looked smoother
  •  AND 100% reported that product visibly improves the look of expression lines after using the product for a month!

So, when they reached out to me I was a little hesitant only because you all know how honest I like to keep things over here and sometimes when the promises/expectations are high I am majorly let down. So, I told Dr. Brandt that I would give the line a try and write up a post for you guys if it did all that was promised. AND HERE WE ARE!

Guys, I am IN TO IT.

Dr. Brandt hasn’t let me down yet and this magic is no exception. This stuff works so well and while I was at first hesitant, I cannot deny the comments from you babes on my forehead lately and the results truly speak for themselves! The Wrinkle Smoothing Cream is intended for the upper half of the face (forehead + eye area), but I use it on my smile lines too with AWESOME results!!

BETTER YET? Use code RS25 to save 25% off your purchase 🙌🏼 I highly highly recommend grabbing the ‘Wrinkle Smoothing Cream‘, the ‘NO More Baggage‘ eye cream, ‘Needles No More 3-D Lip Plumpfix‘ and the ‘Lumanizer Primer‘ with that fabulous discount code!

What do you already love from the line that I need to stock up on???

xo, Kayti

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