Thursday, May 9, 2019


 You alllllll know how I feel about oil cleansers #thereisnootherway, so when DHC reached out to offer an incredible deal to you beautiful people I signed up right quick. DHC is a brand that believes that beauty is found in the imperfections and that beauty is a process not a goal: can I get an AAMMMEN?! I am so grateful to be partnering with a brand that speaks to my soul AND takes great care of my skin. 🙌🏼 Use code “Beyouty15” at checkout for 15% off now until 5/31/2019!


The Oil Cleanser and gentle exfoliator duo is a match made in beautiful face heaven! For the money, this is one of the best on the market, truly!! I adore oil cleansers because there is no need for makeup remover, just let that oil do its magic. Apply to a dry face and watch your waterproof mascara melt away without tugging or pulling on that delicate eye area. The olive and rosemary leaf oils in the DHC cleanser leaves skin feeling soothed, refreshed and balanced. Then use the Face Wash Powder with the Foaming Mesh to further cleanse and ever so gently exfoliate!! The enzymes in this beauty help dissolve dead skin and calm the skin with lavender 👌🏼This duo is just $34 and will keep your face feeling clean and looking young.


DHC has had the corner on the Japanese skincare market for years and is a brand that I have grown to trust.


DEAL DEETS : Discount: 15% Off with code Beyouty15 – good from 5/9 – 5/31!!

xo, Kayti

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