Lipstick can be tricky, but the tricker part, IMO, is getting your lips lookin’ real fly WITHOUT lipstick! So before we go into the best lippies at the drugstore, I want to show you my favorites for getting those lips in tip-top shape all for a great price!!

First up, keeping those lips clean! Long-wear lipsticks are all the rage right now and although getting your lipstick to last all day is real nice, gettin’ that crap off can be quite the task. The Milani ‘Keep It Clean‘ ($5.99) balm is the most gentle and efficient way to get off the toughest lipstick.

After you’ve got your lips nice and clean I loooooove removing all the dead skin that can build up! I’ve spent a lot of money on lip scrubs, but the Milani ‘Keep It Sweet’ ($8.99) sugar lip scrub not only TASTES like cake, but takes the cake! It easily sloughs off dead skin without being to damaging to the lips and leaves my lips smooth and hydrated.

Lastly, keeping those lips plump and hydrated!! This is my favorite part, obviously. I am beyond obsessed with the Laneige ‘Lip Sleeping Mask’ ($16.50) because I can let it do its hydrating magic overnight and I wake up with perfect lips ready for lipstick! It works better than ANY lip balm, mask, oil, treatment I’ve ever tried and that little pot will last you a year, for reals.

This is the combo for great lips I tell ya! Happy kissing folks – MUAH

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