If you’re new to this game, South Korean sheet masks have become ALL the rage not just for us #kbeauty fans, but for beauty bloggers and women everywhere! These masks not only provide many benefits to the skin, but are SO simple to use and effective. They are now sold at main stream beauty stores and are readily available for the general skin-caring public.

I haven’t tried everything, I’ll admit. From what I HAVE tried though, I have certainly found favorites that are both budget friendly and convenient, so I wanted to share here a few of the ones that I love and why I love them!

INNISFREE ‘IT’S REAL SQUEEZE MASKS‘ (x15 for $16): I love this pack from InnisFree because it comes with a variety of options for the skin (brightening, soothing, firming, hydrating etc) so that you can customize your skincare to what you’re feeling your skin needs that day! The sheet is just one piece, they have a good amount of serum on the thin sheet and are easy to apply.

SKIN FOOD ‘MARINE FOOD GEL MASK‘ (x5 for $14.80): They sound disgusting (I mean, sea cucumber?? Yuck!), but these masks have quickly become my favorites, I think I just prefer a gel mask to a sheet. These stay in place so well and I can tell an immediate difference in my skins hydration and radiance after application. The mask is in two parts so it is a little tricker to apply, but once positioned it stays in place! The serum is incredibly hydrating and plumping to the skin so I love using this in the day time before makeup application to give me radiance through the day!

SNP ‘CHARCOAL MINERAL BLACK AMPOULE MASK‘ (x10 for $15): Charcoal is all the rage – it draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin and helps you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne! So instead of making my own messy mask out of charcoal, I use these! They are just one simple sheet and have so much serum, but stay in place and are great for purifying and refreshing the skin!

PAPA RECIPE ‘BOMBEE HONEY MASK‘ (x10 for $19): We all know how hydrating honey is for the skin and these masks are just that!! These are raved about by beauty bloggers and for really good reason: they leave the skin feeling plump and looking radiant! These are my favorite to give as gifts because they are more luxurious than the others mentioned and are perfect for a night of real pampering!

I also love the masks that I posted about the other day! They certainly deserve to be on this faves list 💗

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