B//B DUPE: beauty sponge

Lemme save you a few dolla’ dolls’ bills yo because Holy Hannah, I am telling you, this dupe is 🙌🏼 I have used A LOT of sponges in my time and truly the beauty blender has and will always be on top (for me). BUT I see you babes not wanting to spend $20 on a “sponge”!!! To you, my friend, I say, “Trouble yourself no more.” @loreal reaaaaalllly stepped it up with this sponge – it is not shaped exactly like the OG @beautyblender, but I find it allows for quicker application and is just as bouncey and light to allow for easy, flawless blending! I am obsessed! It’s only $6 AND on Amazon prime rn with a coupon.

LOREAL “Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender” ($6.95)


xo – Kayti

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