B//B September Favorites

Another month of my favorites all round up & ready for you!!

Which of these are YOU going it try?? Which ones are we both lovin?! Shop these faves below babe!


The B//B Shower Cap

Another September favorite, and all bias aside, the B//B Shower Cap!! the best shower cap created! Believe me, I have tried ev👏🏼er👏🏼y👏🏼one out there & this baby takes the cake!

Why we love it: Not only is she HUGE & ready to protect your hairs from the warmth of that quick rinse shower #momlifestrong. But this baby can double as your travel best friend, protecting your suitcase from any product spills AND you can wrap your hot tools in the terry cloth if they are still a little warm from use!

Have you tried one of these bad boys yet?!

You babes have been sharing your faves with me over in Instagram and I am LOVING hearing what you’re LOVING! Keep ’em comin!

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