FASHION LATELY : October 2017

This month I was reaaaaaally riding the wave from the previous months that I stocked up on stuff for fall (check those posts out HERE & HERE!!), but there were a few staples that I was still missing for my fall wardrobe! AS ALWAYS, nothing is over $100. Check it.

1 : THESE short patent Chelsea boots have been my GO-TO since I got them. They fit a lil snug so size up a half. They are suuuuuper well made and as soon as the rain/snow hits I am going to be so grateful I went for rubber instead of leather ($70) 2 : I just wanted something suuuuuuper cozy for the oncoming cold weather and THIS fit the bill ($40) 3 : LONG SKIRTS are a necessity for these pastey legs & THIS one was dirt cheap ($10) 4 : I am SUPER into fishnet socks. I think they are so feminine and I feel real sexy while wearing these (not to mention the compliments I get!!) ($5) 5 : I always invest in a good high waisted pair of BLACK PANTS and the buttons on these just got me. These are so comfy, but also do a good job of sucking me in (size down!!) ($78) 6 : COZY SWEATER, meets turtle neck, meets blush? Sign me up ($18) 7 : Vegan LEATHER JACKET that has embroidery?????? OBVIOUSLY I needed it. ($72) 8 : I wanted a COZY JACKET that was kinda different than everything I had seen on the market. This one feels like I am wearing a robs, but still looks glam! ($23) 9 : More FISHNETS because I cannot get enough. These come in a set of two ($9) 10 : A long faux leather skirt has been on my WANT list for years. For this price I was tempted to buy a couple!! ($27) 11 : I cannot get enough of the DIFF EYEWEAR I got a bit ago, so when the pink ones were released, I knew I needed them! ($85) 12 : All the ELTON JOHN vibes ($13)

Happy Shopping babes!

xo. Kayti

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