A feeeeeeew of you have asked about consultations and I thought I would take a lil’ time to go over what a consultation includes, where I host them, how much they cost and why you need it in your life!!

My main goal here at The Beyouty Bureau is to empower YOU to own your makeup routine and to feel confident every day in your own skin. I KNOW it can be overwhelming, I KNOW it’s tricky learning new skills, but THAT is why I offer in-person consultations!!


I now work out of a studio and you can come to me any Monday of your choosing, we can meet for a couple hours, you can try out products that I swear by which I hand select for your skin type and coloring and I will walk you through the techniques that you need to perfect and allow you to exercise those techniques on your own (all with me standing by your side, of course :)!!

If you don’t want to spend that much one-on-one time with me 😉 then I also offer party consultations where you and 3-5 friends can get together and we can chat makeup, try makeup and perfect techniques that you need to feel absolutely amazing!


One-on-One Consultations (in studio) are $99

Two-on-One Consultations (in studio) are $198

Party Consultations (in home) are $325 for 3 people, $400 for 4 people and $475 for 5 people!

* I will travel 1 hour outside of Utah County for an additional $25 travel fee (please specify at time of booking).


There is a link at the top left hand side of my website where you can book and pay online! If there is a date that you would prefer, feel free to email me and I will see if I can accommodate you.

xo – Kayti


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