DRUGSTORE: lip liners

I will preach until the end of time that you do not NEED to spend money on makeup; you don’t need all the things to look fabulous either. Lipliner is one of those things that I just don’t the you neeeeeeed, ya know? Sure it helps keep your lipstick in place a bit longer, but I cannot advocate for having one million ‘spensive lip liners to go with each.and.every. lipstick you own!! I just CAN’T, call me crazy.

So to solve that issue I am obsessed with the NYX WonderPencil 🙌🏼 It’s flesh colored and so I use it just OUTSIDE my lips to keep my lipstick from bleeding. One lip liner and goes with one zillion lipsticks for only $4.49?!!?! Come to mama.

Now, IF you are already in a fully committed relationship with lipliners and you just can’t quit them, then the drugstore is where.it’s.at! Both NYX and Essence have incredible lipliners that are under $4 👌🏼 I bought a nude and a red from both brands and I use them individually or as a combo with MOST of my lippies!

Happy kissing folks 💋 xo – K

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