As promised, I send you into this lovely weekend with my favorite drugstore eyeliners!

In the pencil department: @rimmellondonus wins. I adore their Scandaleyes Kohl liners because those dark colors have a bit of shimmer, but that doesn’t affect their staying power! The flesh colored one has been a favorite of mine for years because it brightens up my tired eyes when applied to my waterline 🙌🏼

As far as fun statement liners: @nyxcosmetics is where.it.is.at. They’ve got pigment and creativity down pat without sacrificing long-wear. I love the Vivid Brights liner in ‘Sapphire Blue’ and their Glam Liner Aqua Luxe in ‘Glam Platinum’ 👌🏼

Finally, for that crisp wing, look for further than @milanicosmetics. They’ve got both a matte and vinyl finish so you can rock whatever look you prefer and you don’t have to be a pro makeup artist to use these correctly 👌🏼 the felt tip you can use just like you would a pencil!

Easy peasy.

xo – K

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