It’s CONTOUR TIME!!! Contour shades are real tricky to find at the drugstore because they go on orange and patchy in all the wrong ways.Contour means to outline and so that is just what you want your powder to do: outline the face making it look slimmer and more defined!! So let me introduce you to my shady bff’s from the drugstore!

First up is the coconut smelling wonder from Physicians Formula and cult beauty blogger favorite: Butter Bronzer in “Bronzer”. This perfect shade of bronzer that will leave you looking alive and slim down your cheeks, forehead and nose with one swipe!

Second up, is my fave for you fair babes from NYX Cosmetics: their HD Blush in “Taupe”. This is the perfect grey brown shade to create a realistic shadow and contour the crap out of your face without ever looking muddy or messy!

Happy contouring babes!! xo – Kayti

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