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Thursday, September 14, 2017


For #NationalCreamFilledDoughnutDay I am streeeeeeetching the term and showing you the cream-of-the-crop from my drugstore makeup collection! I mean, I just feel like less money spent on makeup means MORE money for cream filled doughnuts. Seems like an obvious post, right??

I think it just makes sense to post about each product in order that you would apply – everything is linked below, but hit me up if you have any questions!

FOUNDATION : Because I have dry skin my preference of foundation from the drugstore is the Loreal Infalliable Pro Glow, but if you have oily skin or prefer and matter finish then the Loreal Infallible Pro Matte will be your best friend. This is my HOLY GRAIL from the drugstore! COLOR TIP – I rotate between #203 and #204

FOUNDATION BRUSH : I have used the e.l.f. Ultimate Blending Brush for years and it has really become my one and only in the foundation routine.

BEAUTY SPONGE : The ONLY thing that even slightly compares to the OG Beauty Blender in my humble opinion 😘 is the Loreal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender.

UNDER EYE CONCEALER : This is the most full coverage and dewy concealer at the drugstore and I.AM.OBSESSED. with it.

CONCEALER BRUSH : I prefer using a brush to blend in my concealer because I keep the coverage and it takes a liiiiiiittle bit of the glow glow out of the concealer and looks so dang natural on the skin.

BRONZER/CONTOUR : Not only does this bronzer flatter ALL skin tones, but it smells like a freakin summer vacation. I cannot get enough.

CONTOUR STICK : I am just testing this out, but it looks so stunning and warm on the skin and blends out soooooo beautifully!

PINK BLUSH : This cool-toned pink blush is what blush dreams are made of. It is the perfect subtle yet bright pink and blends liiiiiiike butta!

CORAL BLUSH : If you have followed me long, you KNOW this is my favorite of all favorite blushes! Oh and it is just $2.99!!!!

PEACH BLUSH : This blush looks sooo natural on the skin and has a bit of shimmer to keep the skin look luminous and fresh.

BLUSH BRUSH : The biggest mistake that women make in their makeup routine is in their blush. By using a smaller brush you can make sure that your application is flawless 👌🏽

HIGHLIGHTER BLING : I went over this highlighter in my dupe series, but I can’t put it down and for $4.99, I might just end up buying 4 so that I never run out!

SUBTLE HIGHLIGHTER : I rediscovered this highlight and it just makes me so so so happy and gives my face a “lit from within” look 😍

EYE POLISH : I swear by these eye shadows, because they work like a primer, so they and give the eye a metallic POP without looking cray cray. They are so simple to use, just pop them on in patting motions with your finger.

LIP SCRUB : This is the ONLY scrub from the drugstore that does the job and tastes/smells high end!

NUDE LIPGLOSS : This glossy gloss is my favorite. No joke I have a tube in my car, a tube in my purse, a tube in my bathroom and a tube for the baby 😘 jk jk. But only kidding about the baby, hahah!

COLORED LIPGLOSS : The NYX Butter Glosses are flawless for a natural makeup day, you don’t need a mirror to apply them and there are so many color options that you can find your perfect shade EASY!

MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK : I HATED this formula initially, but it has grown on me. Maaaaainly because it just wears so flipping long! As soon as this dries down (which sometimes takes a couple hours 🙄) this shiz STAYS.

Here is the look that I created with these drugstrore fab faves!


xo – Kayti

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Anyone need an excuse to chug a chocolate milkshake? Well I gotchu girl. Today is #NationalChocolateMilkshakeDay soooooo hustle your hot buns to the nearest shake shack and order yourself a chocolate milkshake to celebrate! Now, IF you are allergic to dairy or IF you aren’t a chocolate lover (like me 😱) then let me introduce you to a chocolate milkshake that will complete your makeup routine and won’t cost you ANY calories 😘

While prepping for this month I knew I needed something to fit the bill & started doing research to find something to post about today. I ordered the TOO FACED Melted Lip Cream in Chocolate Milkshake & just planned on posting about it regardless. Little did I know it would become my favorite everyday lipstick and would look so flattering on ALL my friends! This is a lipstick that you cannot live without, trust me.

Too Faced has an entire line of chocolate products and while I looooove the smell, I think a lot of the line is slightly gimmicky. EXCEPT for this lipstick. The chocolate scent is subtle, the applicator is soft and the color is just pigmented perfection!


Happy #NationalChocolateMilkshakeDay baaaaabes – hope you can celebrate in style!!

xo – Kayti

Saturday, September 9, 2017


This fine Friday brings us to #StandUptoCancerDay & I could not be more thrilled with an excuse to wear pink lipstick!! There is so much heartache in our world now, but today is a day to honor and stand with those who suffer with cancer both directly and indirectly. I am going to wear pink lipstick today in honor of my Grammy who beat breast cancer years and years ago, for all of those women who have lost their lives in the battle and for those who are still fighting with all their might, mind and strength. I stand with you today!!

If you are interested in donating to Cancer Research you can do so HERE & for all the products listed to get your PINK ON, look below!!

Some of my favorite pink options are pictured here and are tagged in order from  FROM BOTTOM LEFT AROUND CLOCKWISE 💓💗 👄

MAYBELLINE Lash Sensational : I have talked about this before, but it is truly one of my favorite drugstore mascara &for while the TUBE is the only thing pink about this product I felt like it was still worth a mention!

JOUER Moisturizing Lipgloss in “Peony” : This gloss has been one of my favorite glosses for about three years now! I haven’t been able to find a color that has great pink payoff, but doesn’t look too Barbie on the lips.

MAYBELLINE Super Stay Matte Ink in “Dreamer” : I was very resistant of this formula of liquid lipstick & honestly it still isn’t my favorite, BUT it wears and the colors in this range are STUNNING! Once it dries down it will not leave your lips so hang in there while it is tacky/sticky, I think it is worth the wait.

HART Tassel Earrings : I wish I owned every color in these because they are suuuuch a feminine statement piece!

SEPHORA Gel Gloss in “Pin Up Pink” : I juuuuuust feel like a girl can never have too many pink glosses and this one is both hydrating and gives you the perfect glossy color to either layer over your favorite lipstick or wear on it’s own.

LOREAL Matte Lipstick in “Matte Mandate” : This new formula from Loreal is LEGIT! The pigment is superb if you want full bold color, but for a subtle wash of color just pat over the lips and blend with the finger!

STILA Aqua Glow Watercolor Blush in “Water Blossom” : I adore this formula of blush, especially for you babes who prefer a natural finish! It looks like skin, but with the most feminine flush to the cheeks.

TOO FACED Love Flush Blush in ” Justify My Love” : I have sworn by this cool toned pink blush for years now and I convert everyone I come in contact with. This is a great pink that you can wear year round and will flatter almost all skin tones!

PERIPERA Cushion Blusher in “Lively Lavender” : I OBBBVIOUSLY have a thing for cool toned blushes and so adding the Lavender touch to the blush just has me 😍 and is one of the best blush colors I have ever found for you fair toned babes. This cushion applicator also makes using it a absolute breeze!!

NYX Butter Gloss : I own a majority of the Butter Gloss line because these glosses are just $4.99, you can apply them without a mirror and come in the most flattering colors!

SWEET GLAM Tint Glow : This comes in a set of four tinted balms that look incredible on the lips and just leave a subtle tint! I love using these on the go for a natural look.

And HERE is the look that I created!! A touch of pink that is wearable and subtle, but still makes a statement! All the products I used to created this sweet look are linked below too 💗


xo – Kayti