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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Since it is 😱 52 DEGREES 😱 outside rn, what better time than NOW to share my bffs in the self tan department girrrrrrl!! If the sun don’t shine, don’t mean you need to be pasty 💁🏻Any great tan starts with supple, soft and clean skin, read: EXFOLIATION! Here are the tools that I use to get the perfect canvas for a sunless tan 🙌🏼

Move aside $2 exfoliation mitts and heeeeeellllllooooo exfoliators that WORK!

The South Korean’s have the corner on this market because they start their babes into exfoliation at the spry young age of 5/6. The entire family hits up the K-Spa for skin treatments and those spas use THESE tools!

First up at the Japanese Salux towels which are best for full body exfoliation and allow you to get those tricky areas like your back! I looooove to use these BEFORE I shave so that I can get the closest shave possible. These are also the ONLY thing that actually work for me in removing any excess tan. These come in a pack of three so you’ll have enough to last you 6 months or so!

This smaller version of the exfoliating towels are easy to use and although they are small they seriously DELIVER great exfoliation. I love using these Korean Washcloths on my arms, neck, chest and the tops of my feet for a more gentle exfoliation on that thin skin! These come in a two pack of 4 (8 total!!) and they are SO cheap, I looooove giving these as gifts!! Happy skin = happy tan!

xo – K

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

FAVE: face toner

Speeeeeeaaaaaking of favorites, I cannot, cannot, cannot live without my Son & Park #beautywater. Don’t let the name fool you, this ain’t no regular ol’ “water”. This is a glorious toner to help balance the skin and prepare it for all the other glorious goodies you’ve got to slap on there.

I use this right after I cleanse my skin at night and I looooove using this first thing in the morning to energize my skin. In the morning I JUST follow this with my moisturizer and I am set!!

xo – K

Monday, May 1, 2017

hydration station

Since my eyes have been puffy and irritated lately I am really paying close attention to what I put under my eyes. Here are my rules rn: it must be hydrating and it must be hydrating 😘
oh and, of course, it must work! I know I have million concealers, but THIS is why!!! Some days your eyes need a dry concealer and some days your eyes need a bit of extra lalalove. On those days I whip out my #kbeauty concealers. Not only do I know that the ingredients are top notch, but they are created to leave the skin looking supple and natural. This lil’ babe from theSaem is juuuuuuuust the ticket.

I use the shade “clear beige” in thSaem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer, but for overall brightening you could also try the Brightener!!

xo – K