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Tuesday, February 20, 2018


This dupe is a 2’fer 😘 not only is this foundation dupe cheaper, but the ingredients are so.much.better 🙌🏼

I have adored the Chanel Vitalumiere foundation for years, but hated recommending it because it costs sixty-mother-truckin’-hard-earned-dollars. Not only that, but I found that after using it for an extended period of time my sensitive skin was hurting/breaking out. ENTER: Beauty Counter Tint Skin. “Hallelujah” doesn’t even begin to cover my excitement in finding better ingredients that perform like my favorite foundation for $20 less!!! I am obsessed with the Beauty Counter Tint Skin for so many reasons, but mostly because my SKIN is happier and healthier!

Would you try this dupe??

xo, K

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

PRIMER + FOUNDATION : #worththesplurge

Next up in our #worththesplurge series is primer + foundation!! I have found over my many years 😘 that I have not only spent the most TIME on researching what is best for my skin when it comes to primer + foundation, but I have poured the most money there as well. After putting in that time & money I have found EXACTLY what works best for me & in turn I get compliments on my makeup every.single.time I wear my favorites.

PRIMER FAVORITES : I have reaaaaaal dry skin and so I concluded early on that I wanted my primer to do two things – make my foundation look like skin (luminous!) and keep my makeup looking perfect With those two requirements I starting hunting down blogs, read reviews and stalked YouTubers for their recommendations. I landed on the Becca Backlight Priming Filter (despite never seeing this on YouTube) and so I went into Sephora and asked for a sample! They sent me home with a two week supply so I could give it a real good try and then I was hooked!! It keeps my skin looking luminous, bright and youthful and by the end of the day my makeup looks the same as it did when I put in on in the morning. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

If you have dry skin and you love clean ingredients I have recently converted to the Emani Perfect10 Primer Serum and I love that it is a dupe for the Too Faced HangoveRX!! It keeps the skin suuuuper hydrated, won’t allow your foundation to collect on dry patches, but it works like glue for your foundation.

If you have oily skin I have also found that the HourGlass Mineral Veil works the beeeeeest out of anything & once my clients try it they are hooked. If you aren’t ready to commit, then just run to Sephora and snag a sample. The HourGlass primer goes so dang far, feels like butter on the skin, but fills in pores and will keep your oil at bay and your makeup STUUUUCK!

FOUNDATION FAVORITES : I have quite a few requirements for foundation – can’t look “cakey”, must go on quickly and be simple to use and it must have COVERAGE. Also, if it’s super dewy than that is a bonus, but certainly not a requirement! I was recommended this foundation by a friend who is also a makeup artist and who loves this for her clients, so I had to give it a go. It quickly became the foundation that I cannot put down. The Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Foundation Stick  is both longwearing, goes on like velvet and has easy buildable coverage and SPF 21. I just looooooove how easy this foundation is to use and I grab for it the most out of all my (12 🙈) foundations in my drawer!!

For photoshoots I reach for a foundation that looks more matte and doesn’t have SPF!! My two favorites in that category are the Smashbox Studio Skin for FULL coverage and the Urban Decay Naked Skin for more skin like beautiful coverage! Both of these foundations are long wearing, both look like skin in pictures and both feel sooooooo light weight on the skin! I read a lot of reviews about these foundations before buying and tested out a few colors at Sephora to make sure I found one that matched perfectly, but now I love them both. I usually use a Beauty Sponge to apply these foundations, but for more coverage you can use a buffing brush.

If you have oily/normal skin and you like matte COVERAGE then PUR Cosmetics Bare It All foundation will be your boo. I love using this with a really hydrating primer (I love pairing it with the Emani Primer) or just a moisturizer to keep the foundation from collecting on dry patches, but it looks seamless and flawless on the skin. I read so many reviews that this was great for oily skin, but tried it because it had the coverage that I was looking for with my terrible breakouts! A little bit goes a really long way and it will stay put on your face all day. I took a nap while wearing this once and woke up looking flawless!!

For you babes who prefer lighter coverage or usually grab for a BB cream, can I convert you to the BeautyCounter Skin Tint?? This stuff goes on like a BB cream, but dries down on the skin and will stay put all day! My clients all looooove this stuff because it blurs their imperfections, but leaves the skin looking . . . like skin!

PRO TIP : For the mooooost part I can make anything work, but I alternate between using my Beauty Sponge for dry/matte foundations (to keep everything looking like skin) and using my Morphe M439 for more dewy/fluid foundations (to pack on coverage)!

I so hope this is helpful – you babes have asked for this post over and over!!

xo. K

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

MAKEUP/SKINCARE : #worththesplurge

Raise your hand if you’ve got adult acne 🙋🏽 Raise your hand if you’re getting older 🙋🏽 Now, raise your hand if you want your makeup to HELP your skin while you wear it 🙋🏽  THE BEST investment you can make into your makeup routine is in the products you put on yo’ face. Using clean ingredients  that perform like makeup but WERK like skincare is all I can ever ask for in a product!! Foundation that is good for my skin and not only keeps me looking youthful, but won’t irritate my poor acne-prone sensitive skin is a MAJ win in my book.

I rotate between these two foundations pictured and let me tell you why.

I LOVE the Image Skincare iConceal Flawless Foundation right after I get a chemical peel because I know that it won’t negatively affect my skin. This foundation is 100% mineral. No messing around, this stuff is incredible for your skin. I DO find that it doesn’t wear as well as my other foundations, but this was the best thing I could find for my acne prone skin that wouldn’t CAUSE more breakouts. Cleaning up your makeup is going to clean up your skin, I can promise you that. I have found that this is a very dewy foundation, but for best results I apply with a Beauty Blender sponge!

I was introduced to Beauty Counter earlier this summer and the Tint Skin has seriously become the unsung hero in my makeup routine. I apply this with the Morphe M439 for full, dewy coverage! I get so.many.complements. on my skin when I wear this and while it is not 100% mineral and not safe after treatments I know that it is free of parabens and all other toxins that fill our makeup these days. Not to mention they are cruelty free!

I haven’t tried ALL the clean foundations on the market, but WHY when I have found what works best for me?!! I hope you come to love them too!

xo. K