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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

#lowkey Makeup Routine

If there is ONE thing I have learned whilst laying on my death bed/growing a human it is that: less is more (oh, AND that makeup smells terrrrrrrible when your pregnant 😜). With that said here are the key players in my #lowkey makeup look for the gal who wants to look fresh, but don’t got no time for the fuss!

CONCEALER : My TOP priority when it comes to makeup is: looking awake. #DUH. For full awakeness (yes, that is now a word 😘) that works with every skin tone I bring you MY HOLY GRAIL CONCEALER. This babe applies easy with just the fingertip and will keep your eyes looking bright and hydrated. This concealer is one of my clients favorites and works for both young and aging skin beautifully. Most importantly this concealer is the PERFECT shade of salmon that cancels out blue/purple veins so not a soul needs to know how late you were up bingeing Netflix #youarewelcome.

GLOSS : This honey has been my go-to gloss for moooooonths now and I feel confident recommending it to each of you because it is a universal shade that flatters every shade of skin and leaves your lips feeling hydrated and lookin real glossy!

BROWS : I have sworn by this clear brow gel foreve’s, but my low maintenance self needed a lil’ color in her life. I recently converted to the tinted gel in “Brun”! THIS STUFF keeps my brows put, adds dimension AND color all at once!

CONTOUR : When it comes to subtle dimension in the face this is the tool that DELIVERS chiseled cheekbones while staying natural and simple to use! The color “Amber” has a beautiful grey undertone that flatters the natural skin and looks more like a natural shadow on the face than bronzer. Simply blend in with the fingers for beautiful definition!

BLUSH : Blush without a brush?? Yes please! I am hooked on these CUSHION BLUSHERS because they look so fresh on the face and they are sooooo simple to use! Apply to the cheeks and pat in with the fingertips.

If you are feelin’ a little extra and you’ve got time, slap on your favorite mascara and you are golden sister! How’s THAT for #lowkey????!? Do you love?

xo, Kayti

Friday, October 20, 2017


It has been a hot minute since I have talked about my makeup car routine that I lovingly call The B//B Car Kit 💁🏻 and since it has changed a bit I wanted to share with you babes! These are the goodies that I keep in my car to get my eyebrows lookin fly and my lips glossy while in the drive-thru grabbing tots and a Diet Coke.

First things first CONCEALER : I have recently found this salmon colored concealer, from PeriPera, that dries to powder and blends out perfectly with just my finger and makes me look like I didn’t ACTUALLY stay up watchin Netflix until 2am 😘

SKIN : If you are feeling’ a little extra (which, we KNOW I always am) I have been reaching for this self adjusting CC Cream, from Erborian! It looks soooo dang bright on the face and I love that it just wakes up my skin and evens out my skins overall tone. I simply slap this on with my fingers!!

HIGHLIGHT : Even if I don’t use the cc cream, I still grab my lil’ pint size liquid highlight from Becca to lift my cheekbones and brighten the entire face. It has an applicator so I just apply to the face and then pat in with my finger. Sooooo simple.

BLUSH : On the days when I need a little extra color I will pop on the cushion blusher from PeriPera and then just pat into my cheeks – the color isn’t the mooooost long wearing, but I love how natural it looks on the skin and that I don’t need a brush to apply it with.

LIPS : I keep like a lot a lot a lot of lip products in my bag, but the few that never leave are the Clarins Lip Oil in “Honey Glam” and the Bare Minerals GeNude Lipgloss in “Sugar”. They are both STUNNING on the lips and I never get more compliments on my makeup than when I am wearing one of these!

BROWS : I liiiiiive for my brows. I have truly become addicted to have them look feathery and bold because it lifts my eyes and seriously makes me look more awake. I never leave the house without my Lancome Brow Gel! I get my brows waxed and tinted everything six weeks, but there is NOTHING more annoying than needing a pair of tweezers and not having them!! I never leave the house without my Tweezerman.

HAIR : I want to be THAT girl that always has the things when you need them #clutchfriendgoals. So I keep these HairBands in my bag at.all.times. They don’t kink your hair and WORK.

TEETH : My man and I are always doing “teeth check”, but I keep the flossers and mini toothbrushes on me so we are never left with bad breath before a meeting or pepper caught in our teeth after a date! I buy these in bulk and both my man and I keep them in our cars 👌🏼

SELF CARE : No beauty kit is complete without a hand sanitizer that you loooove the smell of OR pain meds. I always have the Up & Up Hand Sanitizer in “Crisp Apple” and Advil on the off chance that I get car sick or a headache comes on.

I hope you find this helpful – I know that we are ALWAYS on the go, so I love having things I can count on in a crunch! What is in YOUR beauty car kit?? Did I leave anything out?

xo. Kayti

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

BENEFIT HOLIDAY : gift guide

As hard as this statement is to believe: holiday is riiiiiight around the corner! I am SO amped to be real prepared and real anxious to share the goodies with you babes from the Benefit Holiday  Sets from Ulta. My love language is gift giving and so these are riiiiiiiight up my alley!

Could you get a load of this?? How darling could this packaging be though?! There are four sets that I want to review with you because you get the most bang for your buck and they are full of FULL sized products from everyone’s wishlist this year. Each set is wrapped up in THE most darling lil’ globe that is seriously perfection for the low key gift giver, cause you don’t gotta wrap that shiz 🙌🏼

First up, AND the biggest value ($151) for just under $60, is the Limited Edition BENEFIT COSMETICS The Great BrowGANZA! In this bomb set, you get all.the.brow.goods!

I’m not joking here folks. For just $59 US dollars you get : BENEFIT Brow Mapping Tool, BENEFIT Spoolie & Brush, BENEFIT Ka-Brow Pomade (retail $24), BENEFIT High Brow Pencil (retail $22), BENEFIT Brow Zings Powder (retail $34), BENEFIT Gimme Brow (retail $24) and BENEFIT Goof Proof Brow Pencil (retail $24)! OMG OMG OMG. If you’ve got a brow girl on your list OR if you’ve just been wanting to treat yo’self then this is the gift set for you!!

The next best value (in my most humble opinion 😘) is the Limited Edition BENEFIT Beauty and the Bay Set which is an $89 value for just $39!! This lil’ babe is a full face of makeup in one kit! You get a full size BENEFIT Hoola Bronzer (retail $29), BENEFIT High Brow (retail $22), BENEFIT They’re Real Mascara (retail $24) and a baby BENEFIT High Beam Highlighter (retail $12)! This set is your simple gal’s best friend & I think this would make the most incredible gift for your bfs this holiday!

The next set that has got me all heart eyes is the BENEFIT GALifornia Love Set for just $29!!! Basically you buy my favorite BENEFIT Roller Lash Mascara (retail $24) and you snag the stunning BENEFIT Galifornia Blush ($15) and the BENEFIT Gimme Brow Gel ($12) for free! THIS is the set I will be giving at my annual favorite things party because truly each of these products is worth their weight in gold and have really become favorites in my makeup collection!

Last up is an screaming deal for just $19 and you get BENEFIT Cosmetics best-selling primer POREfessional (retail $12) plus a mini BENEFIT Rockateur Blush (retail $15) PLUS a mini BENEFIT Gimme Brow Gel! The BENEFIT Cable Car Cuties Set is fantastic for any budding makeup artist or teen who is just plain makeup obsessed!

Did that get you excited for the holidays?? Cause, now I am just dying for my annual favorite things party!

HUUUUGE thank you to Ulta Beauty for sponsoring this fun post! I feel so grateful to work with such great brands especially for the holidays!

xo. Kayti