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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


You girls asked and BOY have I delivered!! This cult favorite concealer is ‘speeeensive and the ingredients are. . . not so great for your skin. THIS DUPE 🙌🏼 full of great ingredients and easier on the pocket all without sacrificing quality!!!

Yves Saint Laurent “Touche Eclat” has been a favorite in the high end market for DECADES. It is truly incredible because it doesn’t look like your wearing makeup, sits beautifully on the skin and brightens the eyes! Well, hate to break the news, but Beauty Counter “Touchup Skin Concealer Pen” is the exact same. That is except for the fact that the ingredients are clean and it retails for $33!! Your skin will THANK YOU and your aging eyes will improve over time. Can you ask for anything more from your makeup??!?

xo, Kayti

Thursday, October 26, 2017

CONCEALER : #worththesplurge

Guys, sooooooo many of you ask me if I have a drugstore dupe for this concealer and in short, the answer is: “No.” The long answer is: “Concealer is just worth every.single.penny.” If you find the right concealer you don’t have to find the right foundation or (dare I say) use ANY foundation. High end concealers come in a wider range of colors that suit both you deep skinned and very, very fair babes.

I have been HOOKED on the Soft Matte Complete Concealer from NARS – there just isn’t anything that performs like this one does on my skin! A little bit goes SO FAR and it brightens my under eyes like no bodies business. I either use the e.l.f. Highlighting Brush or the Real Techniques Setting Brush to pat under the eyes. I never need to set this with a powder and it doesn’t collect in my fine lines under my eyes. I bought this on a whim from Ulta with every intention of returning it because I thought that it would be too drying . . . since then I have bought a few more colors to use on blemishes. Needless to say, it has become my favorite.

The KEY with concealer is to use as liiiiiiiiiittle as possible to achieve incredible results. If you have to pile your concealer under the eyes or on a blemish it is never going to look natural. Finding a product that will DELIVER coverage and results will not only work for you every morning and make you feel & look more awake, BUT it will also last you a real real long time. I found myself buying a new drugstore concealer regularly, but a tube from the high end brands will last me at least a year!!

PRO TIP : To keep my eyes bright and lifted I ALWAYS grab an underage concealer that is 2-3 shades brighter than my foundation!

PRO TIP II : NEVER, EVER, EVER feel bad for returning makeup. I love shopping online from Ulta because they save all my purchase details on my rewards card so I don’t need to save the receipt!! The store you buy it from (Target, Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom) doesn’t eat the cost, the BRAND does. It is nooooooo skin off their nose for you to return a product that didn’t work for you, so don’t let anyone make you feel dumb or guilty for returning things even if they are used!

xo. Kayti