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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


You girls asked and BOY have I delivered!! This cult favorite concealer is ‘speeeensive and the ingredients are. . . not so great for your skin. THIS DUPE 🙌🏼 full of great ingredients and easier on the pocket all without sacrificing quality!!!

Yves Saint Laurent “Touche Eclat” has been a favorite in the high end market for DECADES. It is truly incredible because it doesn’t look like your wearing makeup, sits beautifully on the skin and brightens the eyes! Well, hate to break the news, but Beauty Counter “Touchup Skin Concealer Pen” is the exact same. That is except for the fact that the ingredients are clean and it retails for $33!! Your skin will THANK YOU and your aging eyes will improve over time. Can you ask for anything more from your makeup??!?

xo, Kayti

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

summer skin dreaminess

My go-to-the-pool, glow-all-day, great-for-my-skin, LOOKS-like-skin-but-better foundation combo is this 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 dynamic duo!! To say I’m obsessed with @beautycounter Hydrating Skin Tint would be a reeeeaaaaal dramatic understatement. Then pair it with the @morphebrushes M439 and you’ve got dewy coverage that looks and feels like a mother-friggin DREAM!

I was real real skeptical about the Beauty Counter goods – I am a makeup junkie and stuff just has to WERK or I toss it. When this was first sent my way I was anxious to try it (hello great ingredients!!), but I left it in the box for a bit because I was so nervous to be let down. After using this for a month or so I can confidently say this is my favorite everyday foundation that I own!!

It leaves the skin looking like skin (DUH!), but glowy, healthy and simply evens out my skin tone. By no means is this a full coverage foundation, but I am obsessed with how it feels on my skin so I can handle my breakouts peeking through. It goes on like a great moisturizer and combined with my primer it doesn’t move on my throughout the day. I rest easy wearing this on my acne prone skin because I know it is full of great ingredients that won’t irritate or clog my pores!

I prefer applying this with the dense, DENSE buffing brush M439 from Morphe to get more coverage, but you can absolutely apply with your finger tips for a more sheer application.

I have the shades “sand” and “honey”, just for reference!!

xo – K

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

clean freak makeup

So very many of you beautiful women have reached out to me because you GET the #adultacne struggle. It is a really real struggle, but rest assured I’ve got your back ❤️ Since I am so hyper focused on finding answers in my skincare, I realize I cannot just throw trash makeup onto my face and expect my skin to respond positively. The @imageskincare #iconceal foundation that I snagged from Platinum Studio Orem has fit the bill PERFECTLY. It is a mineral based liquid foundation that is 100% safe for right after any facial treatment, laser or surgery, perfect for sensitive skin and heaven sent for the acne prone and those suffering with redness or rosacea. Not only that but it provides COVERAGE! 

Since this is ONLY sold in salons, you must call or message Platinum Studio directly to get a sample and order through them! They are a breeze to work with and will ship to you for free 🙌🏼

In conjunction with this pure foundation I have been hooked on the primer from Emani Cosmetics!!  Their entire brand is free of petrochemicals, nano-particles, artificial dyes, parabens and fillers. I love that I can also rest assured that each product is formulated for my sensitive skin because after the founder suffered from adult cystic herself, she created @emanicosmetics to resolve those skin struggles. This primer came highly recommended especially for dry skin and it has become my go-to for glowy makeup that lasts ALL.DAY and the proof is in the puddin’ folks. Remember when I took a nap and woke up still lookin’ flawless? I’ve got this guy to thank!

xo – K