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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


My sweet friends, your patience and persistence has paid off, the list of my favorite brushes and how I maintain them is ALL BELOW!! These are the brushes that are not just budget friendly, but are the ones I own multiples of because I just love them that much. These are the brushes that I recommend to clients because they do the job for me and leave my makeup looking the way I want it to. These are the brushes that make me excited to use them and that last through me cleaning them. These, my friends ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST!!

I have to mention that if you don’t use the links I provide here I cannot confirm the quality! I have had a few people mention they snagged MORPHE brushes from Amazon (I have done it too), but I know how that they are dupes and will not work in the same way that I discuss below. You have been warned ๐Ÿ˜˜

First up, the brushes/tool that I prefer for my foundation! These are not in order of preference, but read below and I will tell you what are my favorites to use.

1 : ELF ‘Ultimate Blending Brush’ – for $6 I think this is the best in the market, it blends beautifully and quickly! I will mention that there are times that I find it leaves brush streaks on my face, but by just patting the brush over those spots I can get a seamless blend. I also find that product will build on this brush and so I find myself having to wash it more than my others, but it holds up perfectly for me, wash after wash!

2 : MORPHE M439 ‘Deluxe Buffer Brush’ – this is just $14 and is my absolute favorite for foundation application! I love how dense and wide the head of this brush is because it makes for suuuuuper quick application without any brush strokes. I can build up the coverage super easily with this brush and it’s soft enough to work with my powder foundations too!

3 : REAL TECHNIQUES ‘Miracle Complexion Sponge’ – I love recommending this sponge especially for a makeup beginner because it works beautifully, is not as bouncy as the original beauty blender and costs just $6! If you aren’t makeup obsessed you won’t notice that this does take a tad more effort to buff the foundation into the skin, but it always looks beautiful and fresh. *I linked the pack of two I found for $8.99 ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ Split it with a beauty babe and you each pay ย $4.49 a piece!!

4 : OG BEAUTY BLENDER – Honestly nothing reaaaaaally compares to this sponge in my opinion. It is $20, but it blends any product out super quickly and keeps your product looking the most like skin than any tool I’ve used! I have posted dupes before (which I still LOVE, find them HERE!), but the other sponges soak up a bit more product than this one and so I prefer using the Beauty Blender to allow my product to go a little further.

PRO TIP : I love using a brush for more sheer foundations that I want to build coverage up and I prefer using a makeup sponge for my thicker foundations to thin out the coverage and keep the ย foundation looking the most like skin.

Next up all the FUN brushes for the face – blush, contour & highlight!! I love a good base, but I loooooooove creating dimension in the face and these are the brushes that I found that do that best!

1 : iT COSMETICS ‘Contour Must-Haves Set’ – this comes in a set for $39 and is the best money you will spend on your face. If you have a hard time figuring out contour then THIS is the tool that you need to chisel out those cheek bones and get rid of that double chin! The narrow shape of this brush gives you a fool-proof contour and blends out like a friggin DREAAAAAAM. I haven’t had a single client regret this purchase because you get what you pay for: perfection.

2 : REAL TECHNIQUES ‘Setting Brush’ – I found this brush for just $3.48 on Amazon and have since ordered 6 ๐Ÿ˜˜ I really do own the most of this brush because it is my favorite for blending in concealer! The bristles are soft and small enough to get right under the eye and you don’t need much pressure to see results. This brush also allows a little bit of product to go a long way which is all I can ask for in a brush!!

3 : NYX ‘Pro Contour Brush’ – This is the cream contour brush that all your dreams are made of, I am telling you. I love how small this brush is so that you can get in that narrow hallow of the cheek without making your product go muddy on the cheeks. It blends out beautifully and is honestly one of the softer brushes in my entire collection. I am so happy that it is just $13.99 because it honestly performs like a super high end brush!

4 : NYX ‘Pro Fan Brush’ – if you don’t feel like you can swing the $39 for the contour brush I mentioned above, then this is the next best thing! You can get a narrow line to chisel out the cheekbones that isn’t as precise as the other brush, but is so so soft and just $16.99!

5 : MORPHE M328 ‘Pointed Contour Brush’ – I have WAITED for a dupe for my favorite $32 highlighting brush and it has fiiiiiinally arrived! This brush is just $10 and is absolute perfection for applying powder highlighter to the high points of the face. I own a few of these so that I can use a few different shades of highlighter, but they wash perfectly and wear really really well.

6 : ELF ‘Small Stipple Brush’ – one of the biggest mistakes I see women making in their makeup it applying TOO.MUCH.BLUSH. This $3 brush solves that problem! It is great for bold colors and applies the perfect amount of product to the cheek so you can build up the intensity!

Category IS: eyes!! I know that eyeshadow brushes are wide in variety and there are SO many that it can be overwhelming to know what to use and for what! Here are my favorites and why I love them.

1 : MORPHE M506 ‘Tapered Mini Blender’ – this is the PERFECT brush for applying deep (sometimes intimidating!) colors right to the crease or lower lash line! I will use this brush to APPLY, by patting and then one of the more fluffy brushes to blend. This brush is just $6 and is soooo soft while applying color perfectly!

2 : MORPHE M441 ‘Pro Firm Blending Crease’ – I have three or four of these brushes because they are my very very favorite for blending colors through the crease of my eyelid. This brush buffs out colors beautifully so I always love having a clean one on hand to ensure there are no harsh lines on my eyes. It’s just $6, so I don’t feel bad stocking up on this one!

3 : MORPHE M433 ‘Pro Firm Blending Fluff’ – I also have a few of these $6 brushes because these are awesome for blending color through the crease, but ALSO packing color onto the eyelid. They have a slighting different shape than the crease brush I mentioned above so you can build up intensity easier with this brush!

4 : MORPHE M431 ‘Precision Pencil Crease’ – I only have one of these because I usually use this for the very darkest color on my lid to add a small amount of color at a time! It is just $5 and does the BEST job at applying black to my crease without making me look like I just got punched ย in the face ๐Ÿ˜˜

5 : MORPHE M421 ‘Mini Concealer’ – this is the very very best brush for applying color to the lid! I love using this wet and dry to create different shade intensity, but this brush is the one I cannot live without!! This brush is only $3.50 and I KNOW I should stock up, but I have only ever needed one in my collection!

6 : MORPHE M432 ‘Flat Liner Definer’ – this is a beautiful stiff brush for applying shadow to the lower lash line! Use it wet and you can create a beautiful liner as well & for just $4, I call that a two’fer!!

Last but certainly not least, brush cleaning supplies!!! I try to clean my brushes once a month, but since finding the solution that I go over below I have to admit it has been a little longer than that ๐Ÿ˜ฌ I do have to say, I have more brushes and clean more than most because I am a artist and I looooooove using a bunch of different colors. No ONE needs all these brushes or to clean them as much as I do. You do you girl!!

1 : CINEMA SECRETS ‘Makeup Brush Cleaner’ – this magical blue liquid has really and truly changed my life. I wish I were joking. This huge bottle (32oz) I grabbed for $39 off Amazon and it has lasted me almost a year now. Split it with a friend and you can spend even less on it! I pour this into a generic spray bottle and it travels with me!! Just spritz your brush once and then rub over a towel ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ not only does it remove the color, but it is antibacterial!! WIN WIN WIN!

2 : BEAUTY BLENDER SOLID – I have used this for years and while I wish any other soap worked as well, I just haven’t found one! This is what I use for my monthly deep cleaning and it works quickly and is super easy to use. Just wet your brush, then rub the brush on the bar of soap and then rinse! It is honestly that easy.

3 : TARGET Travel Spray Bottle – These are $0.99 and this is what I use to store my magical blue liquid!!

4 : SEPHORA ‘Color Switch’ – I have used this color switch pad for year and while I think it is SO rad I just don’t think it get enough attention! This is a porous dry pad that you can run your brush over if you want to switch colors without switching brushes or cleaning the brush! It is so rad and I have had this same $18 pad for YEARS and it still works the same way.

PRO TIP : Let your brushes dry either flat or hanging upside down! If you prop them up again water will seep into the glue that hold the hairs together and you will find that your brushes will start to shed! NO BUENO!!

There they are folks! Hope you enjoy!!

xo, Kate

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

summer skin dreaminess

My go-to-the-pool, glow-all-day, great-for-my-skin, LOOKS-like-skin-but-better foundation combo is this ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿผ dynamic duo!! To say I’m obsessed with @beautycounter Hydrating Skin Tint would be a reeeeaaaaal dramatic understatement. Then pair it with the @morphebrushes M439 and you’ve got dewy coverage that looks and feels like a mother-friggin DREAM!

I was real real skeptical about the Beauty Counter goods – I am a makeup junkie and stuff just has to WERK or I toss it. Whenย this was first sent my way I was anxious to try it (hello great ingredients!!), but I left it in the box for a bit because I was so nervous to be let down. After using this for a month or so I can confidently say this is my favorite everyday foundation that I own!!

It leaves the skin looking like skin (DUH!), but glowy, healthy and simply evens out my skin tone. By no means is this a full coverage foundation, but I am obsessed with how it feels on my skin so I can handle my breakouts peeking through. It goes on like a great moisturizer and combined with my primer it doesn’t move on my throughout the day. I rest easy wearing this on my acne prone skin because I know it is full of great ingredients that won’t irritate or clog my pores!

I prefer applying this with the dense, DENSE buffing brush M439 from Morphe to get more coverage, but you can absolutely apply with your finger tips for a more sheer application.

I have the shades “sand” and “honey”, just for reference!!

xo – K

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

FAVE: bronzers & blushes

I realize this is A LOT to tackle in one post, so I am going to be brief. These are the best: the best quality, the best shade, the best pigment, just the very best. I reach for each of these over anything else in my giant makeup collection and I cannot WAAAAAAIIIIIT to share!

First up bronzers!! I literally own ZERO glittery bronzers. The only reason I use a bronzer is to slim down my cheeks, my loooovely five head ๐Ÿ˜˜ย and narrow out my nose by creating “shadows” around the perimeter of my lil’ round face.

theBalm “Bahama Mama is the deepest of the shades that I own, but the color is so rich and beautiful that it is my go-to shade for when I am tan! You darker skin boos will LOVE this. It blends beautifully on the skin and lasts all day!!

The drugstore PULLED through with the NYX blush in Taupe because this is bae for you fair babes! The grey undertones really mimic “shadows” and so this looks the most natural on me when I want a great contour! My clients looooooove this one. Not only because it is budget friendly, but because it looks so dang natural yet slims out the face!

Last up is the most universal of all the bronzers that I own and is my go-to on the daily. The Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in “Medium/Deep” is seriously stunning on the skin and contours beautifully while adding healthy color to the cheeks! I also ADORE that they have three shades in the formula that ALL smell like chocolate, but flatter all skin tones. Snag “Milk Chocolate” is you are more fair and “Deep/Tan” if you have a deeper skin tone!

The TOP requested link is for my contour brush and I know why: it’s just sooooooo beautiful and simple to use!! I call it the idiots guide to contour! You can only snag the iT Cosmetics “Heavenly Luxe You Sculpted Contour Brush” on Amazon right now or buy it in the set from Ulta! I also swear by my Morphe M527 brush for blending out any harsh lines and making certain my contour looks flawless.

Alright my friends moving on to: BLUUUUUSH! I love blush. I hoard blush. It is the easiest way to complete your look and send your makeup back to life after applying allllll that foundation ๐Ÿ˜˜ย like I do.

I know mauve was alllll the rage, but for spring/summer I cannot get enough of a bright feminine flush on the cheeks!! I JUST found this absolute gem from Laura Geller that looks so stunning and bright on the face – I just cannot get enough of this “Baked Gelato Swirl Blush” in ‘Cantelope’!

For you fair babes Benefit “Dandelion” blush is lyyyyyyfe! I love love love this for no makeup-makeup days or for when I just want to look a little more youthful and feminine. I can pile this on without fearing that I am applying too much and it has an ever so slight glow to it that looks super healthy and vibrant on the skin. I bought it in the travel size for $15 and even after using it constantly for a year, I still haven’t made a dent in it.

Last, but certainly not least is my bright pink boo: the Love Flush Blush from Too Faced in “Justify My Love”. It is pricey, but just as the name says, so dang justified! It is bright, not too bold and beautiful!

I rotate between my two favorite brushes to apply blush: the e.l.f. “Small Stipple Brush” and the Morphe B32 Angled Brush!

Thaaaaat’s all folks ๐Ÿ’‹

xo – Kayti