‘Rona Amazon Faves

What does stay-at-home glam look like, how much screen time before my kids turn to zombies, and will the UPS guy be Time Magazine’s person of the year? Clearly, my Amazon purchases of late have been a little influenced by this Stay Home/Stay Safe situation. Here’s what has been coming to my door lately!! Bless […]

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March Amazon Finds

How did we survive before Amazon Prime? Getting things affordably delivered to your doorstep has got to be one of the greatest advances of modern living, amiright?!!!! The downside, is sorting through billions of choices to find the good stuff. That’s why I love seeing what is in everyone’s Amazon carts – especially if it […]

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It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, so what better to focus on than EYES! This post is dedicated to all things to play up those lovely eyes of yours by using products that WORK well and are gentle on those sweet lil’ soul windows 😍 BEST OF THE […]

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  • I am breaking my silence to simply say, I haven’t known how to show up here. I am not asking for your empathy or understanding, certainly I am not the one in need of that right now. So, how do I review the latest tanning product while unrest throbs so prevalently in our streets today? How do I show you the bubble machine we love when others are confined to the four walls of their apartment high rise?? How can I recommend a floral summer dress when mothers are losing their children to horrific injustices in our system??? I am not sure how to truly use my influence for good, for positivity, for right, for God, but that is what I am trying to navigate. I commit to find the good, to learn the best, to fight against evil, to talk about the hard, to magnify the positive, to stand against racism, to use time to learn, to stand for LIFE, liberty, love and to find the light. #blacklivesmatter
  • When you get home from an actual real life dinner out, where someone else brings you a chilled drink and makes your food to order and you put on lipstick and eyeshadow and foundation and real pants and nude pumps you document it, duh!
What did your Saturday night look like???
  • Makeup is fabulous for transforming, for concealing, for enhancing, for brightening, for covering. But what if makeup was just, FOR FUN? What if we released what we SHOULD do and just had fun?? There are so many parameters and rules and guidelines these days that it felt so good to pick up my tools without an agenda, rhyme or reason. Today I applied a whole bunch of highlighter, zero foundation, a bright ass liner, let my acne take a breather from concealer and just PLAYED! Triple dog dare you to just play. And then tag me because #duh IT'S FUN!!!! xo, K
  • Feelin’ a little blurry these days? Well I am here to remind you, it IS in fact Wednesday and you ARE in fact doing a real real good job ❤️ xox
  • Tuesday is laundry day in my house so it FEELS a little like modern day torture, but slap on a lil' bit o'lipstick and ain't no inside out underwear/pant/sock combo that can keep this queen down!! Shoot me your POWER COLOR in the comments 🙏🏼 I'll send five of you a few of my power lipsticks!! xo, Kayti  http://liketk.it/2OIU5 #liketkit @liketoknow.it
  • Super duper easy peasy makeup 👌🏼 now on IGTV!! ALL PRODUCTS (only three😱) linked via @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2NXQU #liketkit