You alllllll know how I feel about oil cleansers #thereisnootherway, so when DHC reached out to offer an incredible deal to you beautiful people I signed up right quick. DHC is a brand that believes that beauty is found in the imperfections and that beauty is a process not a goal: can I get an […]

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sephora sale : 2019

SEPHORA SALE IS HERE – woot woooooot!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, truly. VIB Rouge members can score 20% off their entire purchase (in store + online) starting NOW until May 6th  using code ‘HEYROUGE’. Starting May 2nd VIB members can use code ” to save 15% off and Beauty Insiders can […]

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DR. BRANDT : Needles No More?!

I am not against aging, I am not above botox or filler, but I AM a huge advocate for doing what makes you feel your very best! But  when I heard about the Dr. Brandt new ‘Needles No More’ line,  it honestly looked a bit too good to be true. They claimed that after an hour […]

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  • Did the 80’s call because neon tie dye, red lips, fluffy brows, pink eyes, frizzy af hair & blue nails have SHOWED UP! This look & some tips about creating your own eyeliner are live rn ✌🏼
  • Servin’ up a big ol’ platter of B//B newness babes 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 EVERYTHING IS LIVE!! Link in bio to shop shop shop! xo
  • Caught in the bath with wet hair??? Oh girrrrrrrrrl. I gotchu. 10AM MST LAUNCH May 23rd for the three things you didn’t know you needed, but will change your life foreves 💁🏻‍♀️ xo
  • READY FOR LAUNCH????!? Me too 🥴😘 While we all mentally prepare for the big launch Thursday 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 I want to give ya’all one last chance to snag the OG pink cloths! TODAY ONLY they are 33% off!! CODE : ‘birthday sale’, just stock up boos 🙌🏼
  • Maaaaaaybe I got all dressed up & slapped on a full face of make up just to clean the house, answer emails, shoot new product {😱😻} and knock out my to-do list 💁🏻‍♀️ so what?? This watercolor liner LIVE rn, everything I used on the story & happy happy haaaaappy Monday bffs! xo
  • My insightful friend @jennaskitchen has taught me that affirmations are things that we WANT to be, goals we aspire to achieve, the voice in our head who says I CAN ✊🏼But I have come to the recent awareness that self v a l i d a t i o n is acknowledging who we inherently ARE (what makes up our soul & pumps through our heart) both the bright, the beautiful & the seemingly ugly. As I sat with my therapist yesterday seeking validation & solutions regarding a few relationships he stated simply that I was the only one who could provide that for myself. I sat with myself. I looked at my feelings and instead of wishing them away, justifying them or pushing them aside, I looked them square in the eye & told them they were each VALID. The tears come to protect my heart, the joy comes to keep me positive, the stress comes to motivate me, the laughter comes to lighten the load, the anxiety comes to keep me aware and aaaaaall of these contribute to a whole heart! TELL YOUR FEELINGS THEY HAVE VALUE & (through practice) they will no longer have power OVER you, but all work together to heal, protect, enlighten & brighten your heart ❤️ YOU ARE MADE UP OF WORTH! xo, Kayti