Sephora VIB 2019

SEPHORA SALE IS HERE!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, truly!! So what’s the skinny on the VIB?! If you are not already a beauty insider you can join for FREE here & start racking up the point to save BIG! If you’re already a VIB Rouge member, you can score 20% off […]

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October has come & gone & I have a handful of FAVE’S just for YOU! I have only a few items to share with you now, a few of which I have FALLEN BACK in love with! You know when you find that old foundation you’ve always loved & don’t know why you left it […]

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The INFAMOUS car kit 💁🏻‍♀️ I don’t even spend THAT much time in my car, but it’s most often the place I get my makeup on for the day {can I get an amen for tiny humans strapped in buckles??}. 🙌🏼 I’ve talked about this what feeeeeeels like a million trillion times, but STILL my […]

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Bring your own makeup and we will review how to use what you’ve got and fill in the holes where needs be. Each consultation includes a pre-appointment evaluation, one on one instruction and a comprehensive email including all the products and techniques we test out and review during our meeting.

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  • Day 11 hair, but make it sparkle ✨No body got time to wash their hair because the brushes are baaaaaaack!! Shop today loves xo, Kayti
  • Remember when I hated my hair? Remember when my mom IRONED my hair - like on the ironing board? With a black & decker clothing iron? On the highest setting?? 💁🏻‍♀️ Here we are, 20 years & a whooooole lotta deep conditioners later, living for the hair God gave me. Today I can say I am thankful for this mane & even thankful for the horrendous eighth grade picture that proves how far I’ve come. Thankful I’ve sought out the right tools, thankful my mom never let me dye it, thankful for the options it now allows me, thankful I know my daughter won’t face the same school picture fate #sohelpme 🤞🏼 What are you thankful for today that maaaaaybe you weren’t so thrilled about a year (or 15 😘) ago???
  • As we round into the 4th quarter of this year, I find myself looking back at what I could have done and looking forward at what might not be and {honestly?} I am feeling a bit whiplashed from it all 💁🏻‍♀️So, I anticipated November, knowing full well that my lil’ neck needed a rest and that, in short, I just needed a different set of glasses. This is what some may call seeing things “through rose-colored glasses”, but since I quite LITERALLY sell a pair a set of rose colored glasses, I figure, why in the hell not??! • Okay well tbh, I can give you a dozen reasons why the hell not. Life isn’t easy or simple or uncomplicated and I have thought many a time that anyone wearing those rose colored glasses was just stuffing the “real” stuff deep down inside. Do I mean for you to push away your heartache? Am I requesting you to stuff your tears? Should we just thank our body aches for making it so we can’t run as fast as we once could?? Heavens no. Feel the things girl! Cry the tears! Punch the pillows! Scream the swears! This month I am validating all my emotions, but I have a deep desire to lead with a thankful heart. • Here I am stepping intentionally into November with my rose-colored glasses and a simple daily goal to live in gratitude. I want to honor the moments behind me and to look forward to each hour with optimism, but MOSTLY I just want to sit in the present day with a grateful heart ❤️ Already these few short days have not been easy. While I have so much to be grateful for, a simple mind shift has not miraculously turned me into a better mom or a selfless friend, BUT when it all feels like it might implode on top of me that mind set does in fact make all the good I've got, seem like more than enough 🙌🏼 I have created a wallpaper for my phone and a playlist for my car as simple reminders that an attitude of gratitude simply makes all we’ve got, more than enough. Won’t you join me? No commitment, but in a season where it's easy to find our vision clouded by 'wanting more's and 'not enough's shall we put on those rose colored glasses & see the world with more thanks?? MORE ON THE STORY ❤️
  • Today I am feeling anxious & teary & nervous & overwhelmed & sleep deprived so instead of letting that consume me whole, I makeuped 🙌🏼 I am grateful for that tool. I am grateful for the ability I have to put my best face forward! I am grateful for the companies who send me packages, for the followers who trust my opinion, for the money I have made to support it all and for the friends I have made here who fill my heart. THANK YOU! Thank you, each of you, for truly filling my heart ❤️ A full face of brand new shtuff 🤞🏼 live rn! Winning products linked on the story 👏🏼 xo, Kayti
  • Sale to the YES! @sephora sale rolled out for Rouge members Friday so it’s about freakin’ time I brought you the deets of the sale & the download the things you must buy 👏🏼 WHO/WHEN: ❤️ VIB Rouge members get 20% off all purchases from
11/01-11/11 ❤️ VIB members get 15% off all purchases from 11/07-11/11 ❤️ Insider members get 10% off all purchases from 11/07-11/11! CODE: use code HOLIDAYSAVE at checkout online or in-store while logged in to your insider account 🙌🏼
MY PICKS : on the story 👯‍♀️ xo, Kayti
  • Chatting Monthly Faves cause byyyyyyyyyye Halloween and hey girl, it's fall 💁🏻‍♀️