ULTA 21 DAYS OF BEAUTY // Purchase or Pass

Beauty addicts and beauty bargain hunters alike look forward to the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty all year long  and I am SHOOK by what it offered this go around! With that said JUST BECAUSE IT’S ON SALE DOESN’T MEAN YOU NEED IT; keep reciting this to yourself. You don’t need to buy anything JUST because you’re getting a screaming deal. SO, here is my round up for what I think is worth purchasing and what you should save your money for a McDonald’s cheeseburger meal 😘

TIP : Don’t forget to sign up for the Ulta rewards program because EVERYTHING in the 21 Days of Beauty will ship free for members! No need to fill your cart to get that ONE thing you need!!

First up!! There are quite a few things that are on sale during the entire duration of the 21 days of beauty, so I wanted to show you the few things that you MUST HAVE from the Ulta Hot Buys list 🙌🏼

JULEP “Cushion Complextion 5-in-1 Skin Perfector” : I use shades 400-420 for contouring & while I personally find the concealer a little drying it might be amazing for you oily babes!!

LANCOME “Monsieur Big Perfect Match Set” : This mascara is allllll the rage so I am absolutely snagging this set while it’s just $14.50!

SHISEIDO “Eyelash Curler” : My HOLY GRAIL lash curler is on sale and I could not be more thrilled. But it NOW!!

PATCHOLOGY “Spoiled Rotten At-Home Pampering Kit” : I LOVE the Patchology brand and this is a phenomenal way (and cheap!!) to test out their full line of masking products!! I am stocking up on these while they are just $16 to gift to friends!

LANCOME “Energie De Vie” : This entire line is 40% and my heart is singing! I used this stuff when I got a sample, but just couldn’t swallow the price tag. I will be grabbing the “Water-Infused Moisturizing Cream” for my own lil face!



MARCH 23URBAN DECAY “Eyeshadow Singles” are a must pick up for me!! I have a lot of palettes, but there are a few colors that I am missing that I will grab for just $10 while I can. For just $10 I am going to stock up on colors that I feel like are missing from my collection! I grabbed the shades “Lounge“(a MAC “Blue Brown” dupe 💁🏻), “Fireball” & “Tonic“.

– You KNOW I am all about skin and so anything that says it will refine pore size, smooth texture and provide an all-over healthy glow, suppleness and smoothness to skin, liiiiiiiiike sign me up!! The EXUVIANCE “Performance Peel AP25” is 50 freaking % off today, so hustle for that glow skin at home.

*ONLINE ONLY – For you oily babes or for anyone who is self conscience of their pores, girl YOU BETTA GRAB DIS! DR BRANT “Pores No More Pore Refiner” is a cult favorite and for good reason: it WORKS, better than any primer on the market! Grab it today for just $22.50 and thank me later!

MARCH 24 – You babes ask me for the best dupe for the STILA “Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner” all.the.time. Today, there is NO NEED, grab that holy grail shiz for just $11!!

– I ALWAYS grab a couple packages of the PHILOSOPHY “Purity Made Simple Wipes” during the 21 Days of Beauty. These are gentle on my sensitive skin and actually REMOVE my makeup without irritation 🙌🏼

– I have never tried the LAURA GELLER “LashBOSS Major Length, Volume, Curl Mascara” before, but sister can’t even grab a DRUGSTORE mascara for $12, so this is going in my cart while it’s on sale, for suuuuuure!

MARCH 25 – If you need a STUNNING foundation brush that will never leave strokes on the face and feel like a literal bunny tail on your skin, you better grab the IT COSMETICS “Airbrush Smoothing Foundation Brush”!!

MARCH 26 – TODAY IS THE DAY!! The day that BECCA “Backlight Priming Filter” is on sale and all your primer dreams come true! I have sworn by this primer for years and now there is no need to find you a dupe. This is only $19, will last you forever and keep your skin looking stuuuuuunning with or without foundation! I love the BECCA “First Light Priming Filter” as well for you babes who love brightness, but don’t love the shimmer shimmer it is ALSO on sale!

– Another $13 high end mascara? FINE, I’ll take it! I am always in the market for a bigger better mascara so I cannot wait to try the LANCOME “Hypnose Drama Instant Full Volume Mascara” is RAVED about so I will give it a go and give you my honest thoughts later!

MARCH 27 – The STILA “Convertible Color” are the bees knees and worth.every.penny. at full price IMO! So snag them while they are just $12.50!! There is not a color that you can go wrong with AND you can use these on both your cheeks and you sweet lippies!

*ONLINE ONLY – KOPARI “Coconut Melt” has been on my “to-buy” list for ages, so while it’s just $14 I am going to grab this and put it to go work on my skin and hair!

MARCH 28 – THE ONLY THING I think is worth even trying for this day is the SKIN LAUNDRY “Hydrating Cream Face Wash” 😬 I have heard great things about this brand and you know if the product says “hydrating” anywhere in the label, I am down.

MARCH 29 – My very favorite mascara is HERRRRRRE! I am so pumped that the BENEFIT “Roller Lash Mascara” is on sale today! It lifts, lengthens and adds volume sooooooo grab a couple while they are just $12, I promise you will love it too 💋 Did I mention is also comes in brown??

MARCH 30 – ALOT of my friends swear by this formula, so I am going to be picking up a few TOO FACED “Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Lipstick” for spring and giving this fan fave a try!! I will be picking up the shades “Jawbreaker“, “Miss Roper” & “Feelin Myself” for just $12 a pop!!

MARCH 31ANASTSIA BEVERLY HILLS “Brow Wiz” is THE HARDEST product to find a dupe for, imo!! The color range and the texture of this product is worth every penny to me, so you best BELIEVE I will be stocking up on these while they are just $10.50!!

APRIL 1 – After reading all the reviews, I am adding the SERO-VITAL-HGH DIETARY SUPPLEMENT to my cart to add to my routine after baby!! So many claim that this helps with the bounce in their skin, overall muscle tone and skin vibrancy, not to mention ENERGY. Gimme all the energy please. At 50% this is a must have on my list!

– I have only heard incredible reviews on these shadows and since these are all matte and would work with ANY look I am super pumped to pick up the DOSE OF COLORS “Marvelous Mauves Eyeshadow Palette” for just $16!!

PERRICONE MD is one of the most prestigious brands at Ulta and I am SO THRILLED that this product line is on sale! I am going to snag “Cold Plasma” at 50% and pray that is delivers on its promise to correct the ten most visible signs of aging (wrinkles, enlarged pores, dryness, redness, discoloration, uneven skin tone and loss of firmness and radiance)!! The reviews on this are phenomenal.

APRIL 2BUTTER LONDON is not just a nail polish brand and they are delivering on the glossy unicorn madness that is so on trend right now! I already own the stunning “Glazen Lip Glaze” and love it so for just $9.50 I KNOW you will too.

*PLATINUM PERK! If you are a Platinum Member this iT COSMETICS “Confidence In Your Glow Blush” is a MUST SNAG! I loooooove products that allow you to customize your color and offer different shades in one product so that you can use the same product a few different ways. For just $16 I am grabbing both the Nude Glow and Warm Glow!

APRIL 3 – The LAURA GELLER “Baked Blush-n-Brighten” have flown under my radar for a looooong while now, but after reading the reviews I am pumped to grab a couple of these ‘look-like-skin’ blushes!!

*ONLINE ONLY GIRRRRRRRRLS. This foundation has never become a cult favorite, but I have ZERO CLUE why!!! I have sworn by the BUXOM “Show Some Skin Weightless Foundation” for yeaaaaaars and as soon as my friends or clients try it they are hooked. I am so.very.thrilled. that it is on sale today. You best believe I will be stocking up on this one!!

APRIL 5 – OKAY where my ladies at?? I know you babes who love the URBAN DECAY “Primer Potion” KNOW that it is worth every penny full price, but today it is just $12 so get.it.while. its HOT!! This stuff will cancel out any discoloration on the lid and keep your shadow IN PLACE for hours and hours and hours on end!

– I ‘technically’ don’t need any new skincare, but I am seeeeeriously tempted by the JUICE BEAUTY “Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Booster”! The reviews are unreal and sister knows I could use all the anti-wrinkle magic on the earth. If you are in the market, I would absolutely grab this one while it is just $40!!

*ONLINE ONLY I know am I a sucker for marketing, but after seeing the before and after pictures from the SKYN ICELAND “Icelandic Relief Eye Cream” have got me wanting this stuff real bad. I am going to snag this at just $22.50 and keep it until I run out of the eye cream I am using now!

APRIL 6 – The entiiiiiiiiire TARTE “Lip Line” is 50%. Every formula, every liner, every.thing!! Snag a new lipstick while they are CHEAP!

APRIL 7 – FIRST THINGS FIRST. Today is the LAST DAY to grab any of the Hot Deals, so you best run and grab my favorites from that list above!!

– I have used A LOT of setting and prepping sprays and this one is just my very favorite. I add a little shimmer shimmer to mine, but this is my go-to for wetting eyeshadow brushes and keeping my makeup looking FLY. I will most certainly be buying a couple MAC “Prep & Prime Fix+”!!

– Ulta has saved the best for last because you KNOW the TOO FACED “Better Than Sex Mascara” is the top selling mascara they’ve got and so if it is yours too, snag it while it’s only $11.50!! Big lashes from the best-selling formula for the drugstore price!


PASS 🤷🏻‍♀️

MARCH 24 – Unfortunately the PHILOSOPHY “Purity Made Simple Micellar Cleansing Water” is a pass for me. The reviews aren’t great and when it comes to micellar water I think the drugstore delivers at a better price point!

*ONLINE ONLY – EYEKO “Eyeliners” are ALL 50% off online, but this formula has never been my favorite, so I am going to pass on these today and save my pennies for the STILA liner 👌🏼

MARCH 25 – I am going to pass on the iT COSMETICS “Confidence in a Compact” this go around because it didn’t stay put on my skin and I ended up returning it after using it for a week or so. Such a bummer!

MALLY BEAUTY “Face Defender” may have great reviews, but I kinda like seeing my pores through my makeup so this product just isn’t for me, even AT 50% off!

– This cult fave is finally on sale, but I have a perfect dupe for the BENEFIT “The PoreFessional Face Primer”, so I just gotta pass because I don’t need it!

MARCH 27 – I have my favorites when it comes to contouring, but LORAC “PRO Contour Palette” is not on that list. I am going to pass on this one today because I just know I won’t use all those shades!

*ONLINE ONLY – I am not sure why the ST TROPEZ “In-Shower Gradual Tan” is in this round up at all tbh. I have hear only terrible things about this product, so this is an easy pass for me!

MARCH 29MURAD “Acne Cleansers” aren’t on my list this go around because I love the skincare that I currently use! JUST because the label says it will help with your acne, doesn’t actually mean it will deliver. READ HERE all about the skincare that I currently love!

– I hate throwing shade, but the SMASHBOX “Full Exposure Travel Palette” along with all the other Smashbox shadows just.don’t.work. for me. This looks beautiful, but is any easy pass for me!

MARCH 30 – My pregnant face could use some un-wrinkling, but I have to pass on this one this go around because I don’t think it’s safe to use, BUT if I weren’t baring a child, you better believe I would snag the PETER THOMAS ROTH “Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads” for just $22.50!!

MARCH 31MARIO BEDESCU 25% off entire brand!! While this is thrilling for you babes who are already die-hard Mario Bedescu fans, I am going to pass today. There is NO better time to stock up on your favorites from this line though so ruuuuuun while they are still in stock.

– I am also going to pass on the Online Only OFRA BANANA POWDERS. While these are 50% I am just not in the market for a new setting powder!

APRIL 1BARE MINERALS “Foundation Primers” might all be 50% I just don’t think they are the best on the market, so I will pass on these today! HOWEVER, if you are in the market for a clean primer that won’t clog pores and easy on the pocket book (TODAY ONLY!) snag the “Prime Time” primer while supplies last!

APRIL 2 – While the BUTTER LONDON “Glazen Eye Glosses” are beautiful in theory and the color selection is stunning, I was really disappointed with the performance of these! I wanted them to be super shiny/glossy and they just dry down crispy. My drugstore eye glosses perform better, so I am going to save myself from purchase these again.

– The reviews for the SHISEIDO “Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector Sunscreen” are outrageously positive, but for me this one is a pass. I looooove my $15 sunscreen already so I am not in the market to replace that!

MAC “Instant Artistry Lip Prep Nude Kit” is an easy pass for me because even at the discounted $19 I just don’t see the value. I am not a fan of their lip primer and I already own Velvet Teddy! I just don’t need more lipsticks in my life 😉

APRIL 3 – I will just be saying no to the StriVectin Power Starters Tighening Trio Kit – I don’t loooooove kits because although it seems simple, you just don’t need all the things to have incredible skin! My skincare faves are all HERE, just in case you are curious 😉

– I am honestly a little surprised by this addition to the 21 Days of Beauty. The reviews on the CLARINS “Hydra-Essentiel Br-phase Serum” aren’t phenom and I am already in a fully committed relationship with my serum, so this is an easy “no, thank you” from me!!

APRIL 4 – I am passing on everything today 😬 The LIPSTICK QUEEN “Frog Prince Lipstick” is cool in theory, but I would rather spend $12.50 on a couple of my favorite drugstore lipsticks. The DERMABLEND “Loose Setting Powder” is not one that I haven’t ever tried, but I am not jumping up for joy to try it even at a better price point.

APRIL 6 – Have I mentioned I have enough skincare?? HA! I will be passing on the DERMALOGICA “Daily Microfoliant” today because I just don’t need it.


I am so deeply grateful to Ulta for sponsoring this lengthy post, but as always, all opinions are my own because you know I always serve the TRUTH! I hope you each find something that you love and that you can save a lil’ coin while you’re at it 😘

xo, Kayti

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