We can chat product all the live long day, but making sure that those products WERK and furthermore that they aren’t a pain in the arse to remove is a big, BIG deal to me 😘 Quite a few of you mentioned struggles that you have with lash growth, your lashes stayin’ curled and then gettin’ that mascara off at the end of the day. So let me reconcile all those woes ❤️

FOR GROWTH: get in touch with @jzkuban and grab the R+F Lash Boost. I only use it once or twice a week and it DELIVERS! I have seen an incredible difference in my lash length and volume and I could not be happier.

FOR CURL: invest in a lash curler babes! I luuuuurve the @shiseido lash curler and it’ll last you for the rest of your life because alls you gotta do is replace those lil’ pads. You’re welcome 💋

FOR REMOVAL: you know me and oil cleansers, but I am obsessed because it breaks down everything and leaves your face c.l.e.a.n!! For any left over makeup I have been gaga over the @simple #micellarcleansingwater. Soak a cotton round and one swipe over my face and I am good to go!

xo – K

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