FAVE: sheer-medium coverage foundation

“Favorite” foundation is a reaaaaaal tricky term for me. I have a lot of options in my collection, but I AM going to give you my top 3 foundations and for me, that is one hell-of-a-feat!! First up: my sheer-medium, looks-like-skin foundation!! Buxom “Show Some Skin” weightless foundation has been my favorite for years, but this is my TOP recommendation that, in turn, becomes every clients’ very favorite go-to.

My clients are converted when it looks like nothing is on the skin and they can see their freckles peeking through, but their redness is gone and all other flaws are simply blurred out! Foundation gets suuuuuch a bad wrap IMO because users ASSUME it will be cakey on the skin – this guy just proves otherwise!

xo – K

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