B//B DUPE: setting powder

I rarely set my undereyes because I don’t NEED to and I loathe looking cakey and powdery (ya KNOW I live that glow life 💁🏻), but if I ever need to set my concealer I use something that is finely milled and brightening! Both of these powders are brightening under the eyes, never look powdery or cakey and keep my concealer PUT. One is $26 and one is $3. Good golly, that price difference is bananas!!!!

The Laura Mercier “Secret Brightening Powder” has been a staple in my collection for aaaages, but since discovering the e.l.f. High Definition Undereye Setting Powder I will never need to buy another $26 pot of powder. The e.l.f. powder is a tad trickier to use, but they BOTH provide the same setting brightness for the eyes! There is a lot more product in the high end version, but you can buy the dupe 6 times before it is worth your while to buy the high end powder, ya feel?

e.l.f. “High Definition Undereye Setting Powder” ($3 for 0.04oz)

Laura Mercier “Secret Brightening Powder” ($26 for 0.14oz)

xo – Kayti

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