Tuesday, July 11, 2017

vavavoom hair

I am not from Texas, but I strongly believe the bigger the hair the closer to God. Anyone else?? Well, if you ALSO believe in big hair then I got you girl! Here are all the tools and products that I use to give me that vavavooooooom.

I always let my hair air dry, but I cannot live without my after-shower routine that keeps my hair full and frizz free. (1) I swear by a frizz reducing towel from DevaCurl  that is “technically” for curly hair, but if you have ANY sort of frizz then you need a towel that won’t strip your hair of moisture! After using my microfiber towel to dry my hair I SWEAR by the Bumble and Bumble “Thickening Spray” in my roots and my Wella “Oil Reflections” smoothing oil through the ends of my hair! My hair is course and frizzy, but needs taming and a LOT of lift at the roots.

After letting my hair air dry I am ready to style (goodness know it needs help ;)! I first spritz my hair with the Sebastian “Trilliant Thermal Protection” spray to keep my hair protected from any heat and add in a lil’ bit of shine to my dull strands. Then I use both my Bed Head “Beach Waver” to create waves and my Babyliss Pro 1 1/4″ Titanium Straightener to create loose curls. I rotate between these two tools to ensure that I get volume, volume, VOLUME!

Once my curls are set, then I use the Kristin Ess Beach Wave Spray to keep my hair lifted and my treasured Sebastian MicroWeb Fiber to keep each strand textured and separated.  Easy peasy!!

I will show you all my tips for going 7+ days with one style tomorrow!!!

xo – Kayti

2 thoughts on “vavavoom hair

  1. jodie

    what do you mean you rotate between the waver and straightener? so you’re using both tool for the one look? could you explain how bc i your hair is anazing and i want to make sure i’mdojng right to recreate the look. 💛

  2. Catherine

    As I was watching your Instagram live video of you doing your hair, I wrote down the products and ordered them all. For some reason, I wrote down Kenra Volume Mousse extra?? Do you know where that came from?! I’m wondering what to do with it or if I should return it. Thanks!

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