summer brow game: strong

During these summer days when we are in and out of the water and CONSTANTLY shweaty there is nothing more annoying than your eyebrows melting off your face #amiright. I have loved this “Tint My Brow Gel” from Etude House for years now, but there is no better time to use these than the minimal-makeup days in these shweaty months (yes, I am making “shweaty” happen.) – BOOYA!!

WHAT IS THIS STUFF? The Etude House “Tint My Brow” gel is a simple user friendly way to dye your brows at home! I prefer the color #3 Grey Brown because the other colors tend to pull red on me and is the same color that I recommend for both blondes and brunettes alike.

Since the instructions are all in Korean, here are the instructions and a few tips on how I like to use this best!


  • comb through and trim brows
  • apply a liberal amount of product in the desired shape of the eyebrow (the more you apply the easier it will be to remove!)
  • allow gel to dry for 2+ hours (if you would like stronger color leave on for longer! I used to apply before bed and peel off in the morning.)
  • after the gel is completely dry, remove slowly starting from the front of the brow (the longer you allow the gel to dry to more difficult it will be to remove and MAY pull out a few brow hairs, juuuuust so you know.)
  • AFTER CARE – DO NO USE cleansing product to the eyebrow area within 24 hours of removing gel.

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