Just pulled in from a week in Lake Powell and thought it would be the perfect time to share with you the three staples that never leave my pool bag! I want to note: I hate sunscreen and these are my baaaaaaaaaabes 😍

FROM Left to Right: I have always loathed lip sunscreens because they leave my lips white and chalky, but I don’t have time for sunburned lips soooooo I have always powered through the pain, ha! This tinted lipbalm sunscreen from Pacifica I snagged from Target on a whim as been LIIIIIIIFFFFE though!! SPF 30 and a flattering nude tint are just what I needed at the lake!

I have used and sworn by this powder sunscreen from ColorScience for YEARS now. You guys, DO NOT let the price tag deter you. I can confidently say that this is the best $57 dollars I spend in the entire year! One tube has actually lasted me two years (yikes!) and it is my go-to for the pool bag. Since it is a powder I can throw this on OVER my full face of makeup and reapply as I need without disturbing the rest of my makeup. It absorbs oil/water too so that even right after getting out of the water I can reapply and feel fresh and protected. I LOVE using this in my part so that I don’t have to get greasy sunscreen all over my hair and I can keep from getting sunburned on my poor scalp!! Since it’s all mineral as well it’s safe to use on your kids in a bind. I CANNOT express how deep my love is for this product, you guys, it’s deeeeeeep!

Since I hate sunscreen I started on a mission to find one that had good ingredients, but didn’t leave my skin feeling dehydrated and chalky – Enter Missha Essence Sun Milk!! It’s just $17 for 2oz and is the last step in my skincare everyday. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and I am so impressed by how incredible my skin feels after using it and how well it works.

Stay safe in the sun my friends and take care of your precious face!

HERE are the budget friendly sunnies that have been on heavy rotation on me lately and a few others that are in the mail to me too 😉

  1. Flat Top Cafe Racer $9
  2. Rimless Silver Mirrored Wayfarer $12.90
  3. Oversized Round Gold Hippie Sunnies $9.95
  4. Flat Top Kim K Sunnies $11.89
  5. Gold Aviator Sunnies $12.99
  6. Brown Transparent Round Sunnies $9.99
  7. Retro Round Black Sunnies $9.90


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