I may not “drink” coffee on #NationalCoffeeDay, but coffee ain’t just for drinkin’ sister! I am in a fully committed relationship with coffee, but only for the incredible topical benefits it has for my skin!

Using coffee on the skin has incredible benefits : anti cellulite, improves stretch marks, reduced spider veins and wrinkles! But to be honest the biggest difference it has made in my skin is making it smoother and keeping it more hydrated/glowy. I use this scrub in the shower before I shave and it makes for the closest shave I have ever had because it sloughs off all the dry/dead skin and then leaves a slight oily residue to keep my legs glossy and moisturized. Not to mention, it makes your shower smell DIVIIIIIIINE!

I use to make my own coffee scrub, but THIS one has been 10 times easier and actually works better than the one I created on my own 🙌🏼

xo. K

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