For #InternationalBaconDay I thought it only fitting to serve you some #bacon with a side of the Too Cool for School ‘Egg Cream Mask’. This mask has been my favorite for years now and it is VERRRRY well loved in the beauty blogger world & for good reason!

Not only is this a budget friendly mask, but it PERFORMS! I liiiive for the hydration that I get from both of these masks and even the firming mask leave my skin feeling plump and bouncy (once you loose bounce you GET wrinkles;)

They sell these masks at Sephora, but I refuse to allow you to pay $6 PER mask! Buy them from Amazon for around $3 per mask and grab 5 for a girls night with your friends or to relish all on your own! The links are both below 😍

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Egg Cream Mask ‘Hydration’ (5 for $14.47)

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Egg Cream Mask ‘Firming’ (5 for $17.32)

While we are talking about this line I HAD to mention my fave of all faves hair mask from this same line! It is hard to find in stock and this is the LOWEST price I have ever seen it for, so snag it while you can and thank me later for your insanely soft (without the weight!!!) hair!

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL ‘Egg Remedy Hair Pack’ ($17.38)

Happy International Bacon Day and enjoy your side of eggs for the day 😉

xo – K


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